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After the Chicago Bulls won their fourth NBA championship, on Father’s Day in 1996, Michael Jordan...


Michael Jordan's greatness in 'Last Dance' had an ugly side he won't apologize for

After the Chicago Bulls won their fourth NBA championship, on Father’s Day in 1996, Michael Jordan...

discovered 1 month ago on Los Angeles Times

Michael Jordan's six championship Bulls teams, ranked

How would you rank each of Michael Jordan's championship teams?

discovered 1 month ago on Sporting News

Michael Gove insists teachers will be safe to return to school next month

Michael Gove has insisted that teachers will be safe to return to primary schools from June 1,...

discovered 1 month ago on The Telegraph via Yahoo News

Michael B. McCaskey, former Chicago Bears president and CEO, dies at 76

Former Chicago Bears president and CEO Michael B. McCaskey has died at the age of 76 following a...

discovered 1 month ago on CBS Sports

Michael Jordan Faced Better Competition Than LeBron James

As we watch Michael Jordan vanquish each of his contemporaries in ESPN’s “The Last Dance” — which...

discovered 1 month ago on FiveThirtyEight

Michael Jordan's biggest 'what ifs:' Four moments that could've altered his legendary NBA career

With six NBA championships, 11 combined regular season and Finals MVP awards, 14 All-Star...

discovered 1 month ago on CBS Sports

Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones: Kirk Douglas was ‘One of a Kind’

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones continue to honor the late Kirk Douglas months after his...

discovered 1 month ago on US Weekly

Michael McCaskey, ex-Bears chairman, dies at 76

Michael McCaskey, former chairman of the Chicago Bears, has died at 76 after a lengthy battle with cancer, the team announced Saturday. McCaskey, the son...

discovered 1 month ago on ESPN


⇲ Michael Gove on #Marr - a masterclass in blame-shifting, obfuscation, weasel-words and evasion - and with his insulting suggestion that teachers don’t care about their students, a heavy dollop of emotional blackmail too.

⇲ The new documentary "The Last Dance" is, like Michael Jordan himself, impeccably produced, authentic but highly self-conscious, and incredibly entertaining.

⇲ “Here’s the truth: Flynn should never have been allowed within 10 miles of the White House. He was a dangerous, dishonest and shady operator who was also kind of a loon.” - ⁦@paulwaldman1⁩…

⇲ If Michael Portillo thinks colonialism and going on a nice holiday are the same thing, that’s pretty damning of either his historical knowledge or his resort behaviour.

⇲ CBS reporter "driving Democrats crazy" -- because she's actually reporting the news on Michael Flynn and the DOJ....…

⇲ #Ridge - Can you justify Matt Hancock's statement that a protective ring was thrown around care homes? Michael Gove - Hancock's statement was "absolutely right" 😲 #Marr

⇲ #Marr: How do you make classrooms safe? Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove says children will have to be distanced, arriving in a staggered fashion, with staggered breaks, and we will "cap classes at 15"

⇲ The University of Minnesota criticizes Regent Michael Hsu for saying it may not be safe to play fall football. At the same time the U's top infectious disease doctor Michael Osterholm warns of a much worse pandemic this winter. This is messed up.…

⇲ Michael Gove just claimed on #Marr that the UK is doing more testing than any other country. This is an easily disprovable lie of Trumpian proportions. This was the situation yesterday. #Gove #MichaelGove

⇲ And there you have it: Michael Gove has just said "I cannot guarantee the safety of children who go back to school".

⇲ Michael Gove contradicts himself moments after 'guaranteeing' teachers will be safe at school…

⇲ May 17, 9.54am Marr: Can you guarantee teachers will be safe? Michael Gove: "Yes". May 17, 9.14am Also Michael Gove: "The only way in which you can ensure that you don’t get Covid-19 is by remaining at home throughout and having no social contact with anyone."

⇲ Michael Gove guarantees that there will be NO Covid outbreak in any school. Remember this 17 May 2020 60,000 dead

⇲ Michael Gove, the most hateful, patronising, egotistical monster in the whole of UK politics....

⇲ Michael Gove blatantly lying on Sky, now blaming doctors for discharging covid patients back into care homes. Still insistent that government put a protective ring round care homes. That PPE had been provided and testing had been carried out. Gove praising Hancock for hard work😡

⇲ Michael Gove has said: “If you really care about children, you’ll want them in schools.” No, if you really cared about children you would reopen schools when it is completely safe to do so, not when infection rates are increasing.

⇲ Dr. Michael Osterholm: if a "big peak" of coronavirus floods hospitals this winter, "We have the potential here to go through days we have not seen since World War II ... As a nation, we will not be ready."… via @MyDelmarvaNow

⇲ Michael Gove on #Marr praising Health Secretary for hitting Governments target on testing. Marr failed to point out Gov’ts target of testing 100,000 people a day by end of April was actually missed & has been missed every day since! RT if you think he should have pointed that out…

⇲ Barack Obama couldn't afford a ticket to see Michael Jordan play with the Bulls in the '80s: "I was pretty broke." (via @CNBCMakeIt)




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