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Miss World Pageant

When Norma Smallwood became Miss America in 1926, she was the first contestant to win both the bathing suit and evening gown divisions. Norma Des Cygne Smallwood was born.


COLUMN: Remember the Ladies: Oklahoma's first Miss America

When Norma Smallwood became Miss America in 1926, she was the first contestant to win both the bathing suit and evening gown divisions. Norma Des Cygne Smallwood was born.

discovered 7 months ago on Woodward News

Gabrielle Dilley is Miss St. Joseph 2020

As a young girl, Gabrielle Dilley never imagined joining the ranks of the beauty queens she admired so much – until she won the Miss St. Joseph 2020...

discovered 7 months ago on The Herald-Palladium

Miss Universe competition to be held in Atlanta for the first time

Delegates from more than 90 countries will soon compete to be crowned Miss Universe at the newly opened Tyler Perry Studios in south Fulton County. Hosted by Steve Harvey, ...

discovered 7 months ago on Northwest GA News

Miss Universe contestant representing Vietnam to wear iced coffee-inspired costume for competition

Hoang Thuy, the young woman representing Vietnam in the 2019 Miss Universe pageant, will be wearing quite the elaborate costume on stage.

discovered 7 months ago on Fox News

Top entertainment stories of the day

Top entertainment stories of the day

discovered 7 months ago on MSN News

4-Year-Old Girl with Down Syndrome Warms Hearts as She Walks in Fashion Show

A four-year-old girl from Malta brought smiles to the faces of onlookers at a recent fashion show —...

discovered 7 months ago on People via Yahoo News

Miss USA local ambassador for Atlanta’s upcoming Miss Universe pageant

Miss USA was starting to worry. Cheslie Kryst, the 28-year-old attorney and pageant queen, had been...

discovered 7 months ago on Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Miss Universe Australia dons costume inspired by native lizard

Miss Universe Australia Priya Serrao (pictured) will represent the country on the world stage in a...

discovered 7 months ago on Daily Mail


⇲ British Drama Misbehaviour, set in 1970, looks at what happened when the Women's Liberation Movement took on the Miss World pageant. In this Q&A, director @phililowthorpe explains why the individual character's stories were such a gift to a filmmaker.…

⇲ Nomadic tribes gather in Chad for an extraordinary beauty pageant more fiercely competed than Miss World: the Gerewol festival. The twist? It's the men who battle it out for supremacy in front of female judges 💕 #chad #africa #Travel Clip by unknown

⇲ Agbani Darego Miss World 2001 Host Country: South Africa Pageant Host: Jerry Springer Nigeria's 2nd-finest hour (after Atlanta '96.) That voice was sooo nervous.

⇲ The middle sister Angela Onyeador was the blueprint person for the term socialite. Wealthy arts collector & dealer, pageant promoter. She sued the Miss World organisation after the plan to bring them to Nigeria fell apart in 2002. A real head-turner

⇲ #HappyBirthdayManushiChhillar Read on to know what @ManushiChhillar has to say about her journey from Miss World pageant to Bollywood.…

⇲ I’m pretty sure it was either the miss world or universe pageant

⇲ 2000 was the only year, apart from 1994 when Indians were crowned both Miss Universe and Miss World Closest we have come apart from these two instances was in 1966 when Yasmin Daji finished 3rd runner up Miss Universe and Reita Faria won the Miss World pageant…

⇲ As it says, she was in a Blacks only competition in SA... There was a separate REAL Miss SA pageant for whites.... UJacqui was first to win the non racial Miss SA pageant. Went on to be 1st runner up at Miss? World I think

⇲ Miss World Festival Pageant Cancelled 2019 Queens Held Over for 2020

⇲ Miss World I think 🥰 actually, can’t remember but it was some pageant

⇲ Guys is Ms Penny going through some type of mid life crisis? Such disrespect to the first black Ms SA and first black to go rep SA in the Miss World pageant mama Cynthia and black Ms SA's that came after Miss Jacky. Can't even say I'm disappointed, analyze your life mam🚮

⇲ Did you Know!!! Kenya started their own Miss World Kenya, just they have never won the prestigious Miss world pageant before??? #KenyaVsNigeria #NONSENSE

⇲ I've never really bought into the Miss World or any beauty pageant. Personally think it's nonsense.

⇲ US reversal prevents UN vote on pandemic truce… So the Trump doesn’t want World Peace!?... Bit Ironic coming from the former Head of The Miss World Pageant!!🤦🏻‍♂️@realDonaldTrump #WHO #worldpeace #Truce #Covid_19

⇲ Disney Princesses Miss World Beauty Pageant ft. Elsa + Anna Toy Dolls! English Mini Movie - stopthefud

⇲ Miss World 1970 pageant was a wild ride! 👸👸👸👸 1. Protestors against Miss World 2. Women's Liberation Movement VS Bob Hope 3. Miss World 1970 - Miss Grenada, Jennifer Hosten 4. Keira Knightley and Gugu Mbathu-Raw in……

⇲ Dear #ManushiChhillar wish you a happy birthday! Today she turned 23 and at the age of 20 she won 6th #MissWorld title for India. We're proud of with your winning answer in 2017 Miss World pageant. This answer depicted the sacraments in you.…

⇲ Oliver Nakakande is an international fashion model and beauty pageant titleholder crowned Miss Uganda in 2019. In our TwentyEightyFour interview series, Oliver speaks with us about her background, the Miss World……

⇲ *pageant Kuya: miss earth lage : dili lage miss world lage K: miss earth lage, Kato laging bae? : hala lisod sab😂




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