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New Xbox 360


Xbox Series X will make old games look prettier

Microsoft continues its campaign of putting out details on the Xbox Series X, and today revealed that, in addition to having backwards compatibility, the XSX will employ some ...

discovered 1 month ago on TNW

The best Xbox One games you can buy: Halo, Gears, Forza, and more

Got an Xbox One X, One S, or original console? Then you need to play these games.

discovered 1 month ago on Android Authority

Xbox Series X will add HDR to older games, making it the most backwards-compatible console ever

Jason Ronald, partner director of program management for the Xbox Platform Team, outlined the new...

discovered 1 month ago on CNET

Best deals on video games, consoles, and gaming accessories for June 2020

Nintendo is killing it with the Switch, and with the slew of awesome PlayStation 4 and Xbox One...

discovered 1 month ago on Digital Trends via Yahoo Finance

Things Microsoft wants you to forget about Xbox

When video games first started growing, the console wars were all about two companies: Nintendo and Sega. Since those early years, new competitors have...

discovered 1 month ago on Looper

Xbox One Gets New Firmware Update

The update streamlines the console's interface.

discovered 1 month ago on Screen Rant

Xbox Series X to launch with thousands of backward-compatible games

The games available at launch will include popular franchises and fan favorites spanning the last 20...

discovered 1 month ago on Digital Trends via Yahoo Finance

Xbox Series X Boosts ALL Backwards Compatible Games At Launch

Xbox Series X will boost all backwards compatible games at launch using new software techniques...

discovered 1 month ago on Screen Rant




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