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Nicole Eggert

Baio addressed accusations of sexual assault made against him by his former Charles in Charge costar...


Scott Baio Claims 5 Polygraph Tests Prove He Did Not Assault Nicole Eggert

Baio addressed accusations of sexual assault made against him by his former Charles in Charge costar...

discovered 1 month ago on People via Yahoo News

Scott Baio Accuses Nicole Eggert of Lying to Advance Career After DA Declines to Charge Him

In a statement Wednesday, Scott Baio accused Nicole Eggert of lying to advance her career when she...

discovered 1 month ago on The Wrap via Yahoo News

Scott Baio Says Nicole Eggert's Claims He Assaulted Her Have Affected His Career

I have a child,” said Baio, who shares 10-year-old daughter Bailey Baio with Sloan. In a statement...

discovered 1 month ago on People via Yahoo News

Scott Baio Claims Nicole Eggert Accused Him of Assault to 'Relaunch Her Own Career'

Scott Baio has released a fiery statement after the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office...

discovered 1 month ago on People via Yahoo News

Scott Baio took 5 polygraph tests to refute Nicole Eggert's claims of sexual assault

Scott Baio held a press conference Thursday to further proclaim his innocence in the face of Nicole ...

discovered 1 month ago on Yahoo Celebrity

Scott Baio Will Not Be Charged Over Sexual Assault Allegations Made By Former Costar Nicole Eggert

Scott Baio will not be charged with sexual assault after his former Charles in Charge costar Nicole ...

discovered 1 month ago on People via Yahoo News

Scott Baio Claims Multiple Lie Detector Tests Refute Nicole Eggert Claims

Actor Scott Baio said at a news conference today that multiple lie-detector tests prove his claims...

discovered 1 month ago on Deadline via Yahoo News

Scott Baio 'Not Interested' in Going to Court Over Nicole Eggert Accusations (Exclusive)

Scott Baio is determined to move past the sexual abuse claims that have been leveled against him by...

discovered 1 month ago on Entertainment Tonight via Yahoo News


⇲ I saw Richard Kind in a Starbucks. I didn’t know his name — just that he’d been on Mad About You. We saw Nicole Eggert and Steve Buscemi on the Santa Monica Pier. Not together. The lead singer from Jimmy Eat World stepped on my toe.…

⇲ I know it won't happen but I am going to say it anyway, Nicole Eggert and Alexander Polinsky, set the record straight and publicly admit that you lied about @ScottBaio! #ScottBaiosArmy #ScottBaioIsInnocent

⇲ For one Minute I didn't want to decide because I always liked Scott. I was relieved to see that Yes Scott is telling the truth. The evidence is totally against Nicole Eggert!

⇲ Totally they even tried to get Josie Davies involved with Nicole making claims that Scott was making advantages toward Josie and Josie defended her and Scott by shutting down the rumours just sick how low people go for there 10mins and a pay check to speak out

⇲ And you're in for a real treat with The Demolitionist. It's sooooo bad. Richard Greieco and Nicole Eggert together in an action movie with hilariously bad dialogue and even worse fight sequences.

⇲ That’s Nicole Eggert? Oh my... 😱

⇲ Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince) Nicole Eggert (Charles in Charge) Alissa Milano Danica Mckeller (wonder years) Kathy Ireland (sports illustrated swimsuit issue💦)

⇲ Nicole Eggert + Wil Wheaton hosting in 1989

⇲ Here's Nicole Eggert sending my husband a friend request.

⇲ When my husband rejected Nicole Eggert's friend request, Christy Blackwell messaged my husband and my Stepdaughter! My Stepdaughter 👇👇

⇲ Umm Alyssa Milano, need I say more. Just like Nicole Eggert. Nothing else is needed.

⇲ @megynkelly you owe @ScottBaio a chance to tell his side (the truth by the way) instead of blindly taking Nicole Eggert's word without doing any homework on how many times her story has changed!…

⇲ I can’t imagine being Nicole Eggert and knowing my legacy is as a FakeMeToo Hyperbolic Hypocrite.

⇲ She’s the bottom of the barrel. Absolutely the bottom. Gets no lower. You’ve corrected her, we’ve corrected her. Time for charges Lisa. Who’s up for setting up a gofundme to take @nicoleeggert on for slander, stalking and harassing?…

⇲ This is definitely a wake up call in so many ways! This is the time when kindness and helping others goes a long way.

⇲ 100%. She got paid off. If Scott had never came out as a Trump supporter we never would have heard a word from her. @Alex_Polinsky came out to support her by saying Scott 'bullied' him when he's was a kid. Geez, these people are WHACKJOBS

⇲ Yup and here is her Facebook comment to that effect for everyone's amusement.

⇲ Great movie soundtrack and of course RIP Corey Haim. All his films are Classics. @NicoleEggert

⇲ Welcome to the I've been blocked by Nicole Eggert club. Allow me to show you our secret handshake and let you know when club meetings are. I'm probably one of the only 2 time members.




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