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Oklahoma Tornado


The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Disaster Movies Ever Made

From Twister to Titanic, disaster movies are big box office draws. In The Core, a drilling team is sent to the center of the Earth to set off a bunch of...

discovered 1 week ago on Screen Rant

Opinion | This Should Be Biden’s Bumper Sticker

Trump is now in a full-on race to the bottom with himself, pushing uglier and uglier positions that appeal to smaller and smaller segments of the...

discovered 1 week ago on New York Times

Community Helps Veteran Rebuild Garage in Cushing

Dozens of volunteers gathered in Cushing to help make repairs to a garage owned by a veteran. Robert Booten, 83, received a letter in the mail from...

discovered 1 week ago on News On 6 Tulsa

Residents in over 20 states may get severe weather this weekend

Residents in more than 20 states in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic face threats of thunderstorms...

discovered 1 week ago on USA TODAY via Yahoo News

Gov. Stitt: Mask up so OU, OSU can ‘stick it to the Shorthorns’

Wearing a mask for the first time, Stitt urged Oklahomans to wear a mask in public when social...

discovered 1 week ago on 247Sports

The 20 Weirdest Things We've Seen in 2020's Weather So Far | The Weather Channel

Strange heat, early-season tropical anomalies, late-season snow and severe weather that either...

discovered 1 week ago on The Weather Channel

Uber adds another independent director to its board: Flex CEO Revathi Advaithi

Uber has a new, independent board member, shows a new SEC filing: CEO Revathi Advaithi of 51-year-old Flex, which is among the world’s largest electronic manufacturers and competes against Taiwan ...

discovered 1 week ago on TechCrunch

Tornado Alley just had one of its slowest seasons ever

(CNN)After a deadly start to the tornado season in the South, May and June were unusually quiet...

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