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Pope Joan

You can help again this year.


Readers donations near $20,000 for children's toys at Christmas

You can help again this year.

discovered 7 months ago on Wisconsin State Journal

Luciano: Separated by decades, two key Sheen players might meet at beatification

Separated by decades, two critical players in the lengthy Fulton Sheen drama might appear at his...

discovered 7 months ago on Peoria Journal Star

UI grad Simon Estes used his voice to change the world

By listening more than we talk, and using our voice intentionally, the arts can be a powerful vehicle for positive change. The voice of Simon Estes is an example of music fostering humanity, ...

discovered 7 months ago on The Iowa City Press-Citizen

Brenda Lucas: Community news for Monday, Nov. 18

WRITERS: The Writers Can Read open mic night series features Jess Montgomery, novelist, and Savannah Sipple, poet, at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 18, at Inner Geek. BOUTIQUE: The annual holiday bazaar ...

discovered 7 months ago on The Huntington Herald-Dispatch

Ephraim Sykes to Play Michael Jackson in Upcoming Broadway Musical MJ | Playbill

The bio-musical will open on Broadway in summer 2020.

discovered 7 months ago on Playbill

Colby’s Dare Northward Campaign hits $500 million mark

Turning off Interstate 95 on to Main Street brings a driver downtown to old Post Office Square, near...

discovered 7 months ago on Portland Press Herald

Luciano: Separated by decades, two key Sheen players might meet at beatifcation

Separated by decades, two critical players in the lengthy Fulton Sheen drama might appear at his...

discovered 7 months ago on Peoria Journal Star

The Old Guy: What I learned from my cat

We got our current cat, Lucas, from our landlord, who had developed asthma and couldn’t keep him anymore. Lucas was 12 when we got him, “senior” by cat...

discovered 7 months ago on Staten Island Advance


⇲ lol, there was never a Pope Joan. That's a English protestant ""myth""/conspiracy theory.…

⇲ Lol, now let's talk about pregnant Pope Joan. Or the numerous times there have been multiple Popes.

⇲ just need to share this delightful image of Pope Joan giving birth from BNF Français 598…

⇲ Ahh! Thanks @SunflowerRei for letting me guess on your blog to geek about how much I love Pope Joan!…

⇲ lmao pope joan. that's absolute hogwash. lemme ask you, how am I supposed to know which of these are the REAL Mormon Church? Maybe I pretend to find some golden tables in the woods (but never show them to anyone), and make my own religion. Probably not though, seems dishonest…

⇲ Whirling Pope Joan - Puit d'Amour, Tiennet…

⇲ I don't believe it is. I do not know how one accidentally finds a female Pope. Most historians believe the infamous "Pope Joan" never existed. And this is a Greek historian being polemical.

⇲ When Mormons start talking about Pope Joan

⇲ "Pope Joan" is a myth so contradictory, unsubstantiated and absurd that even the Protestants stopped using it in their propaganda. You should stop lying for your dumb religion.

⇲ you're hot but you study medicine

⇲ this map doesn’t acknowledge our Catholic queen Pope Joan who gave birth on the steps of the Lateran smdh…

⇲ One of my favorite people.....…

⇲ I just finished Pope Joan today, and honey, I am SHOOK.

⇲ There’s legit a book you can check out of the Library about Arséne Lupin, every character’s Persona is based off literature/historical figure Captain Kidd: the pirate Carmen: the Opera Johanna: Pope Joan Goemon: Ishikawa Goemon

⇲ Well I've been on Twitter for nearly two and a half years And someone finally addresses the real elephant in the room... Pope Joan Pope Joan is totally fake, never happened, made up by Protestants as a "black legend"/conspiracy theory, no serious medieval history mentions etc

⇲ The Pope Joan meme must die. I can't believe there are people who still think this actually happened.

⇲ Pope Joan is as real as the Three Nephites.…

⇲ Pope Joan was disproved by protestant David Blondel and his contemporaries hated him for it.

⇲ I had another listen to your Pope Joan. This morning after a work out with the sunrise. Getting the hang of it. 😗




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