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Portland. Protest


Portland, Oregon, protest turns violent; several arrested

Several people were arrested after a demonstration turned violent in downtown Portland and resulted in damage to two government buildings, authorities said Friday.

discovered 1 week ago on ABC News

Iconic Portland elk statue removed from downtown after fire set during protest

A 120-year-old statue of an elk has been removed from downtown Portland after protesters lit a fire...

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Violence mars Portland protests, frustrates Black community

Protesters in this liberal, predominantly white city have taken to the streets peacefully every day...

discovered 1 week ago on Associated Press via Yahoo News

Police response to Portland protest ‘completely unacceptable,' Oregon House Speaker says

As Portland protests enter their fifth week Wednesday, the state speaker of the House sent a sharp...

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Judge blocks Portland police from using physical force against journalists

As protests originally sparked by the death of George Floyd continue in Portland, Oregon, a US...

discovered 1 week ago on The Independent via Yahoo News

Portland police declare protest a riot and use tear gas

Police declared a protest in Portland, Oregon to be a ‘riot’ on Tuesday night and quickly deployed...

discovered 1 week ago on Daily Mail

Kotek slams police action at Portland protest as 'unlawful'

House Speaker Tina Kotek knocked Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's leadership as police commissioner...

discovered 1 week ago on Portland Tribune

Protest in Portland gets declared a riot on July 4th

KPIC CBS Roseburg, Oregon provides news, weather, and sports coverage to surrounding communities including Green, Melrose, Elgarose, Lookingglass,...

discovered 1 week ago on KPIC CBS 4




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