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Essentially all central bankers expect interest rates to remain at the 0% lower bound through...


FOMC Meeting Recap: Powell’s Punch Bowl Party Persists

Essentially all central bankers expect interest rates to remain at the 0% lower bound through...

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Buy When You See Asset Hyperinflation

The one absolute truth about inflation crafted through new money creation is that the fundamental principle of inflation applies. The first recipients to...

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Where Fed Has and Hasn't Contained Volatility

Implied volatility has receded substantially across a range of markets including government bonds, equities, currencies and precious metals since peaking...

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What's next from the Fed will help decide the course for markets

US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell holds a news conference after a Federal Open Market...

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InvesTech Research on the Fed's "Grand Experiment"

In evaluating the current weight of evidence, it’s important to examine what has changed since the stock market began its sharp sell-off during the 4th quarter of 2018 — starting with interest ...

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Market Morning: Fed Repo Men, Free Trades, Cheese Hoarding, PayPal Bails on Libra

The Federal Reserve is now extending its daily repurchase operations in the overnight loan markets until November 4. The central bank has been involved in the repo markets ever since September ...

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A chess masterpiece that falters at the finish line

Can a work of art be truly great if it has a terrible ending? In chess, too, we search out games that feature brilliant conclusions, with fiery tactics...

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REFILE-All bets on TLTRO: German bond yields hit new all-time lows ahead of ECB meet

Germany's 10-year government bond yield fell to new all-time lows on Thursday ahead of the European Central Bank's June meeting at which the Governing Council is widely expected to give further ...

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