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Raspberry Pi

Interface market are included as given below: Texas Instruments Tripp Lite Analog Devices Sixnet Tektronix ROHM RIGOL Technologies Raspberry Pi TE Connectivity ...


Video Input Interface Market 2019 with Top Countries Data: Global Industry Trends, Market Size,...

Interface market are included as given below: Texas Instruments Tripp Lite Analog Devices Sixnet Tektronix ROHM RIGOL Technologies Raspberry Pi TE Connectivity ...

discovered 7 months ago on Market Watch

This resilient Raspberry Pi cyberdeck is made for the end of the world

This custom Raspberry Pi cyberdeck is just such a device for me. With its rugged waterproof case,...

discovered 7 months ago on The Verge

My new book about Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming is on sale for $7

Ride-hailing service Uber has lost its license to operate private hire vehicles in London, after Transport For London authorities discovered that over 14,000 trips were taken with more than ...

discovered 7 months ago on Boing Boing

Gift Guide: STEM toys for your builders-in-training

Some of the remaining indie players are leaning heavily on IP licensing deals from big brands (e.g Kano’s co-branded Disney kit) as a tactic to grab...

discovered 7 months ago on TechCrunch

HPE tells users to patch SSDs to prevent failure after 32,768 hours of operation | ZDNet

HPE SAS SSD users need to install a critical firmware patch or they'll lose their SSDs, including...

discovered 7 months ago on ZDNet

Pi-rate radio: how to make your own FM station for less than $35

FM radio stations are basically just two things: a transmitter to create the signal, and an antenna...

discovered 7 months ago on The Verge

8BitDo's tiny Bluetooth gamepad is now available to pre-order

Given its small size and lack of joystick, however, you’re probably not going to want to use it as...

discovered 7 months ago on TechSpot

Google's Raspberry Pi-like Coral board gets new Debian Linux-based OS | ZDNet

Google's Coral hardware came out of beta last month and at the time it promised to deliver a new...

discovered 7 months ago on ZDNet


⇲ Replace Arduino with raspberry pi and I feel so seen! This hurts slightly.…

⇲ Bluetooth Adapter for PC USB Bluetooth Dongle 4.0 EDR Receiver TECHKEY Wireless Transfer for Stereo Headphones Laptop Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Raspberry Pi, Linux Compatible…

⇲ Runebender running on a Raspberry Pi 4, It's really fast even with 100s of points!

⇲ #IOTA.sorg creation with #PEDLOX Secure Domain registration. Like a public internet Domain Registrar, I created iota.sorg secure domain to demonstrate secure networks including nodes, iot devices, Raspberry Pi's, small devices capable of running #Gabriel

⇲ Connected from my iPad to my Windows 10 VPS via RDP; that’s connected to my Mac via TeamViewer; that’s connected to my Ubuntu VPS via Chrome Remote Desktop; that’s connected to my Raspberry Pi via VNC. Ahh, technology!

⇲ "Setting up two-factor authentication on your Raspberry Pi" - how cool would this be with an Inlets tunnel exposing it?…

⇲ Oh. I lost control about the #RaspberryPi situation. But i love it 😀🍓🍒🍎🥭🍇🍍🤪 For me it is similar to #commodore - i need it

⇲ Live debugging @nodejs on a @Raspberry_Pi zero using ssh-over-usb! The future is now

⇲,Check it out, @mskhogg - This is your @Raspberry_Pi tweeting!

⇲ If you love Raspberry Pi, or want to get into it, here are seven projects to sink your teeth into💡…

⇲ lets go raspberry pi we bout to get michael reeves up in this

⇲ #PEDLOX #GABRIEL the Unified Security Platform. Gabriel Collaboration Suite provides an integrated set of secure applications including Mail, Messaging, File Sharing & Sync, and Video and Voice Calls. My Gabriel Secure Gateway runs on a Raspberry Pi running HoneyComb OS.

⇲ If you have a raspberry pi 3/4 and you want to test something cool we're going to make, retweet this tweet. (just a normal retweet so I can easily see who did it) Once we've got a beta version of the thing ready, I'll dm you and send you an image to flash onto a micro sd card.

⇲ I got an FPGA programmed for the first time today 😀 A Lattice ICE40 chip on an IceZero board, yosys + nextpnr + icepack + a bit of Python to bitbang the configuring part on a Raspberry Pi. Using the external oscillator because I could get neither HFOSC or LFOSC through nextpnr.

⇲ How many Raspberry Pi’s should you own? Correct answers only.

⇲ Why yes, that's CeeFax running in North America, on a Raspberry Pi. Holy fuck this is awesome.

⇲ A similar issue occurs with altitude and civilian GPS. It is a problem for the "weather balloon and raspberry pi" crowd.

⇲ Half way nearly been busy at work and pissing about with a raspberry pi but it's moving

⇲ This is really cool: if there are any 11-to-16-year-olds in your world, apply for free @Raspberry_Pi computers. Submissions open until Monday.…




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