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Red Arrow

IMAGE: Researchers rewrote the binary data in the first line of a 24-bit memory array (top image, ...


Atomic-scale manufacturing method could enable ultra-efficient computers

IMAGE: Researchers rewrote the binary data in the first line of a 24-bit memory array (top image, ...

discovered 7 months ago on EurekAlert!

From the Editor: Easy money for the City of Portland?

The Editor has noticed some auto-related infractions that are very common -- a possible moneymaker...

discovered 7 months ago on Portland Tribune

Bears 24, Lions 20: Whose arrows are up and down after the Bears' Thanksgiving day win

There were times during the Bears' 24-20 win over Detroit that they played as sluggish as they have...

discovered 7 months ago on NBC Sports Chicago via Yahoo Sports

Man sentenced to prison in crash that killed 2 | Newsradio WOOD 1300 and 106.9 FM

HARTFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) —A man was sentenced to prison Monday morning in a crash that killed...

discovered 7 months ago on iHeartRadio

Create your own Supergirl paper doll from Entertainment Weekly's Ultimate Guide to the Arrowverse

Martens boots inspired by Kara Kent/Kara In-Ze to her new pants walk you through it all...

discovered 7 months ago on Entertainment Weekly via Yahoo News

ProSiebenSat.1 Using AWS to Transform the Future of Media in Europe

Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company (NASDAQ: AMZN), announced that...

discovered 7 months ago on TEST Business Wire Releases via Yahoo Finance

International Emmy Awards: U.K.’s ‘McMafia’ Wins for Drama Series

U.K. series “McMafia” earned the International Emmy Award for drama at the 47th annual ceremony...

discovered 7 months ago on Variety via Yahoo News

Jai Arrow: South Sydney table long-term offer to Gold Coast Titans star, report

Arrow has been linked with multiple NRL clubs since he was given permission to test his value on the...

discovered 7 months ago on MSN News


⇲ Pt p/w LBP found to have amorphous calcifications along the L3/4 posterior elements (red arrow). MRI demonstrates T2 bright lesion (blue) and CT shows an osseous stalk (yellow). Histology confirms low grade chrondrosarcoma arising from osteochondroma. #UofUSpine #spine #neurorad

⇲ Exhibit 12 - Search Warrant Case No1:18-sc-02570 Waves HIYA Facebook - 3 accounts Notice what’s in the red boxes but then look at the sentence w/ the red arrow.… Uploaded to a public drive…

⇲ Right now we're constantly being told to stay alert.. There's much we can do to improve SITUATIONAL AWARENESS for ourselves & our teams Here's a free link to an article we've just published with a Red Arrow pilot about SA in healthcare to improve safety

⇲ Got done watching #SonicTheHedgehog it was really cool and gave me a lot of nostalgia when I was a kid and I bought my sega back then!

⇲ Very disciplined queues in front of #liquor shops in Udupi. A person with a long stick is ensuring that social distancing is maintained until the end of the queue (watch out for the red arrow). This is just an example. No offence meant to anyone! #Covid_19 #Udupi #Discipline

⇲ Red Arrow fly by (thanks Emma & Evie) #VEDay2020 #RedArrows

⇲ i was waiting for the @AFThunderbirds for 2 hours to find out they changed their flight plan last min 😭 the red arrow is where i was sitting waiting 😢

⇲ Red Arrow ;) - 20 % on everything at till the end of May Contact us at @Latexskin_pl #latex #rubber #latexfashion #rubberfashion

⇲ But to me those complex irregular glands deeper in the mucosa & slightly odd (?desmoplastic) stroma were bad ju-ju (red arrow)

⇲ Red Arrow on a snowy day

⇲ My team for #GW14 of #ChampManFPL Used my 1FT - A Cole >>> Henchoz Fully expecting a red arrow this week, but the plan is a longer term one that hopefully bears fruit I've been hitting the goals I set for myself lately, so this week my goal is to stay within the top 20

⇲ "Me? Princess? I don't think so honey, I'm the Queen" 🏹Strictly Lesbian 🏹DC's Thea Queen / Red Arrow 🏹Lewd/non 🏹Friendly Writer 🏹Literate only 🏹Friendly writer

⇲ Today in @Variety, Red Arrow is celebrating the success of @BoschAmazon Season 6. Congratulations to Fabrik Entertainment, @AmazonStudios and @PrimeVideo, @Connellybooks, @HenrikBastin and the entire cast & crew of #boschamazon

⇲ cant believe this... "Red Arrow pilots have crashed into the shard"…

⇲ Nepal claims orange arrow as sourse while India claims green arrow as source.Earlier Nepal used to claim souther part only that is red arrow.Clearly yellow arrow is a tributary not a source so Nepal's claims are vague. #Lipulekh #LipulekhBelongsToIndia

⇲ Damian Wayne & Red Arrow must team up to run away from bankruptcy. It will end in peace

⇲ #ChinaWeapons Red Arrow ATGM with launcher 4 KM range It is claimed it can achieve 1200-1300 mm RHAe of DOP

⇲ Today I hiked up to Wayah Fire Tower in North Carolina. 5342 ft above sea level. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get emotional seeing these views. The red arrow is where I slept last night, Siler Bald.

⇲ When you send her a snap, but it shows the gray arrow and not the red arrow anymore




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