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Richie Havens

Richard Pierce Havens was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. His music encompassed elements of folk, soul, and rhythm and blues. He had an intense and rhythmic guitar style, and played soulful covers of pop and folk songs. He was the opening act at Woodstock.


Every performance in Woodstock, ranked

The three-day rock concert, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this month, was actually a financial bust. Way too many kids showed up (false rumors of...

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Not Everyone Who Performed at Woodstock Is Famous 50 Years Later. Here's What Happened to One...

Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, for example, both of whom were well-known acts when they attended the...

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As Woodstock Turns 50, the Fest’s 10 Most Sacred Music Moments (Watch)

Cars were left abandoned along the New York Interstate. Young children ran naked and dazed through...

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All-‘American Idol’ rejects: Wacky auditions steal the show on Season 18 premiere

American Idol returned for its 18th season this Sunday, resuming its annual search for the Next...

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The Voice recap: Kelly Clarkson has the final block, and she's not afraid to use it

It’s week two of the Blinds on The Voice, and we are in it, people! In case you need a reminder:...

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Here's How Much Woodstock Performers Got Paid 50 Years Ago — and Who's the Richest Star Now

How much did bands get paid for playing at Woodstock in 1969? The disparity in some of the paychecks...

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Woodstock concerts have history of problems

A dispute among Woodstock 50 organizers over whether the upcoming anniversary concert is canceled or not marks the latest issue to plague concerts linked...

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10 of the best travel documentary films

Do you like mountains, classical music and Willem Dafoe? This 2017 doc is narrated by the actor and features music by, among others, Vivaldi and...

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