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Rick Perry Gaffe


Bill de Blasio's bagel gaffe and the fraught politics of food

If New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hadn’t already dropped out of the 2020 presidential race,...

discovered 9 seconds ago on The Conversation via Yahoo News

Biden Campaign Sends Post-Debate Email Prior to Debate: ‘Did I Make You Proud?’

Democratic front-runner Joe Biden does not need any gaffes at the November primary debate, as much...

discovered 6 months ago on New York Magazine

Mitt Romney Is Not Joining the Resistance

At first, it looked like little more than a classic Mitt Romney flip-flop. It began Monday in Provo, Utah, where Romney—the former Republican presidential nominee, current Senate candidate, ...

discovered 6 months ago on The Atlantic Wire (RSS)

Democratic debates: Four hours. 20 candidates. And a race, defined.

Can six minutes of fast talk on a crowded stage ignite a presidential campaign? The first chapter of...

discovered 6 months ago on USA TODAY via Yahoo News

Democratic debates 2019: everything you need to know

The Republican primary debates in 2015 featured 17 candidates – a number interpreted as unwieldy at best and, at worst, a bit ridiculous. Or three...

discovered 6 months ago on The Guardian via Yahoo News

‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Executive Producer Steve Bodow To Depart

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Bodow, executive producer of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, will be leaving after...

discovered 6 months ago on Deadline via Yahoo News

The 7 Ways to Lose a Presidential Debate

It’s possible to lose a debate and win the race — just ask Barack Obama, who is widely considered to have lost his first debate against Mitt Romney...

discovered 6 months ago on Time via Yahoo News

Former Presidential Candidates Have Advice For 2020 Democrats Before First Debate

Presidential debate blunders, for better or worse, can determine the fate of a candidate seeking the...

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