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Saul Bass

Sixth Grade 4.0 GPA


Silverado Middle School Honor Roll, Fall Trimester, 2019-20

Sixth Grade 4.0 GPA

discovered 7 months ago on Napa Valley Register

The Spiritual Motels

Amy Day: Accordion, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals | Omar Musisko: Bass guitar, Drums, Guitar (acoustic), Harmonica, Mandolin, Percussion, Vocals Genre: Rock RIYL: ...

discovered 7 months ago on San Diego Reader

Iowa woman who lied about medical problems convicted of theft

The woman told a Waterloo couple she had a kidney transplant, tumors and other medical problems,...

discovered 7 months ago on Sioux City Journal

La Marque Middle School honor roll

The principal of La Marque Middle School recently announced the honor roll for the first nine-weeks of the 2019-20 academic year.

discovered 7 months ago on Galveston County Daily News

Iowa store owner gets 30 years for video recording girls in bathroom

Robert Kuhn was arrested in 2017 after a girl who had worked at his record store told police she...

discovered 7 months ago on Sioux City Journal

Feedback File

Alice is not the kind of guy who walks onto the stage in a T-shirt and jeans and casually counts off the first song; he's a showman. It's probably the...

discovered 7 months ago on Charleston City Paper

New Allegiant flight from Memphis to Punta Gorda launches Friday

The Lisa Marie, newest craft in Elvis Presley's small air fleet, is at Memphis International Airport...

discovered 7 months ago on Memphis Commercial Appeal

Democrats call Stephen Miller 'white nationalist,' ask for resignation after SPLC report

"It’s clearer than ever that Stephen Miller is a far-right white nationalist with a racist and...

discovered 7 months ago on Daily Record


⇲ Opening credits designed by Saul Bass (Born on this day - 8 May 1920)

⇲ Saul Bass’ rejected poster concepts for THE SHINING, with notes from #Kubrick

⇲ Saul Bass titles and Bernard Herrmann music. But there’s something different this time, something slightly off, the music. Herrmann himself described it as a kaleidoscopic orchestral fandango designed to kick off the exciting rout which follows.

⇲ Saul Bass: Famous title sequences from Preminger to Scorsese —

⇲ 100 Years ago today, Design Icon Saul Bass was born (May 8, 1920 – April 25, 1996) This mans body of work has been a source of huge inspiration on my own work since i first discovered his poster for Vertigo as a kid. Heres some of my favourites.

⇲ Airline : United Airlines Aircraft : Boeing 787-9 Registration : N4472U Powerplant : RR trent 1000 Livery : "Saul Bass" @united @UnitedFlyerHD @BoeingAirplanes @Boeing @BoeingDefense @GEAviation @AviationWeek @SamChuiPhotos #United #MyUnitedJourney #FlyTheFriendlySkies

⇲ Happy 100 to Saul Bass the best who ever did it

⇲ As part of our Saul Bass Turns 100 series, watch Edward Dmytryk's deliriously entertaining hothouse melodrama WALK ON THE WILD SIDE (1962)—based on Nelson Algren’s explosive novel—starring Jane Fonda, Barbara Stanwyck, Laurence Harvey, and Capucine,.…

⇲ Saul Bass (May 8, 1920 – April 25, 1996). American graphic designer.

⇲ Remembering Saul Bass: the man who redesigned the movies.…

⇲ Saul Bass—the G.O.A.T.—was born 100 years ago today. I haven't written much on Bass in the ten years I've been writing about movie posters—maybe because his work is just so well known—but I couldn't let this centenary pass unremarked.…

⇲ Saul Bass cover for Otto Preminger’s autobiography, 1977.

⇲ Today begins our centenary celebration of the legendary graphic artist Saul Bass, who revolutionized the art of motion-picture credits and left behind a widely influential legacy as one of the most innovative film artists of the twentieth century. ✨📽️💙…

⇲ Saul Bass' rejected designs for The Shining (1980), with blunt notes from Kubrick criticising the designs, and the finished design. #filmtwitter #film #stanleykubrick #theshining #saulbass

⇲ The other day marked famed artist & designer Saul Bass' birthday. This is the original 1-sheet movie poster for Billy Wilder's #coldwar #CocaCola comedy shot in Berlin and starring James Cagney. It is One Two Three (61), designed by Saul Bass, $450.,…

⇲ Rewatching Hitchcock’s #NorthByNorthwest (‘59) and I wonder how anybody ever made a classic thriller without asking Saul Bass to design the title sequence?

⇲ Mr. Alfred J. Hitchcock's "Vertigo". Can never rewatch it enough times. Continuing my binge of films with Saul Bass credits after the Age of Innocence. #Cinema

⇲ i wish more "graphic" movie title sequences would make a comeback (and i wish saul bass was still around doing them 💔)

⇲ Saul Bass sky




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