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Seal Team 6

The Naval Special Warfare Development Group, commonly known as DEVGRU or SEAL Team Six, is the United States Navy component of the Joint Special Operations Command. The unit is often referred to within JSOC as Task Force Blue. DEVGRU is administratively supported by Naval Special Warfare Command and operationally commanded by the Joint Special Operations Command. Most information concerning DEVGRU is designated as classified information, and details of its activities are not usually commented on by either the United States Department of Defense or the White House. Despite the official name changes, "SEAL Team Six" remains the unit's widely recognized moniker. DEVGRU and its Army and Air Force counterparts, 1st SFOD-D and 24th Special Tactics Squadron, are the U.S. military's primary Tier 1 Special Mission Units tasked with performing the most complex, classified, and dangerous missions directed by the National Command Authority.


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TV Ratings: ‘The Masked Singer’ Rebounds, Easily Wins Wednesday

The Fox show jumped 15% among adults 18-49 from a 1.65 rating to a 1.9, and gained over 1 million...

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In a tweet, Trump tells Navy not to boot Gallagher from SEALs

President Donald Trump appeared to upend a Navy SEAL administrative board days before it started...

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‘The Masked Singer’ Tops Steady Wednesday Ratings; ‘Chicago’ Trio, ‘Survivor’ Also Rise

Meanwhile, the Chicago-verse at NBC saw a one-tenth increase for all three shows: Chicago Med (1.2,...

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Trump tweets Navy can’t remove Chief Edward ‘Eddie’ Gallagher from elite Navy SEALs

The Trident pin, which labels Gallagher as a member of the SEAL community, is considered a...

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Opinion | Navy defies Trump’s clemency of SEAL to save its institutional integrity

Donald Trump had recently reversed his demotion. Trump clearly seemed outraged by the prospect....

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Novak Djokovic wins as Serbia reaches Davis Cup quarterfinals

Novak Djokovic defeated Benoit Paire 6-3, 6-3 to seal Serbia’s victory over top-ranked France in the...

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Venture Construction Group Companies Sponsor Team Evolve to Raise Funds for Navy Seal Foundation

Start times began every 15 minutes from 8:30 a.m.- 12 p.m. Bonefrog is the world’s only Navy Seal obstacle course. Team Evolve earned their Trident, which ...

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⇲ Special Army Soldiers from #RAFLuton have been taking part in an exercise on the RAF Luton lake with members of SEAL Team 6

⇲ Crying and saluting the American flag as Seal Team 6 riddles my dick and balls with bullets

⇲ My grandma was always trying to catch me smoking weed in the house when I lived with her. I lit a nag champa once and she busted through my door like seal team 6. Sorry sis, nothing to call and tell the Philippines about today, it’s just incense 😭

⇲ Ep. 507: "What's he doing at this vegan festival? That's a Triple Man! You don't belong here, with these pussies! These vegan pussies! You're a Triple Man! Get him out of here, he's Triple Man! He's a Sthil Man, he's a Blue Death Man, and he's SEAL Team 6!"

⇲ 1) Chief Special Warfare Operator Adam Brown served with SEAL TEAM 6 (DEVGRU) in Afghanistan in March 2010. While his team executed a raid into the mountains targeting a Taliban commander, two of the enemy opened fire from the target building.

⇲ Bin laden walking into the exact room seal team 6 was about to breach

⇲ 💥 COMING FRIDAY 💥 He was Captured By the Taliban 💥 Rescued by SEAL Team 6 💥 Don’t miss my interview with DILIP JOSEPH Coming Next Week on #FirstClassFatherhood Subscribe 👉 #NavySEALs #Survivor

⇲ Your homework today is to search: "seal team 6 accident"

⇲ #BabuOwino Kenyan politics is soo dramatic and funny. Now Kenyans are cheering for JUBILEE season 2. Ati season 1 ended with @kipmurkomen been injured by the rich bad guy to serve as a warning. Now him and other former seal team 6 members must unite bla bla what next? Aisha jumwa

⇲ Had SEAL Team 6 take out Bin Laden.

⇲ seal team 6!/en-us/tid=C…

⇲ Read rise of the warrior cop. Too many cops think they are seal team 6 the militarization of the police is very real. No knock raids should almost never happen.

⇲ how america makes it till november w/o a 25th Amendment Seal Team 6 Baker Act tranq dart straightjacket rescue is unfathomable. we are doomed under this maskless miscreant.…

⇲ My bingo card didn't have any of the current madness on it so I'm going to add a few more things and see if they happen: slime, Fauci mic drop; simultaneous earthquake and tornado; pox; SEAL Team 6; Al Pacino; anthrax; Joshua Tree; bath salts. Now we wait.

⇲ That’s like some hillbilly militia trying to take on Seal Team 6.

⇲ Kirk better be part of seal team 6

⇲ I’ll tell you mu plan: Yes cause I will, without getting shot by his militaristic security, kidnap him and then hang him from his balls in his own HQ. Imma be like James Franco in The Interview with Seal Team 6 waiting for me in a small tunnel 2 miles north from his house.

⇲ Seal Team Thicc v Endangered eSports; GGSEU league qualifier, Coastline 6-8, Club House 7-8, we take the L but minor setbacks for a major comeback!

⇲ It’s not free money until Seal Team 6 liberates the slaves from the money lenders. 🤘




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