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Shain Gandee


‘Buckwild’ Follow-Up Series ‘West Virginia Wilder’ Eyes Summer Launch

The executive producers behind MTV’s hit reality show Buckwild are back in Appalachia for a...

discovered 6 months ago on Deadline via Yahoo News

‘West Virginia Wilder’ Slammed by Sen. Joe Manchin In Letter To Viacom CEO, MTV Denies Involvement,...

Almost two weeks after Deadline broke the news of West Virginia Wilder, a Buckwild follow-up docu...

discovered 6 months ago on Deadline via Yahoo News


⇲ mike lahoud or shain gandee ? #gandeecandee

⇲ Damnnnn, I miss Shain Gandee 😭 @Hannnah_Miller

⇲ Aww rip Shain Gandee 😢

⇲ Shain Gandee was the star of the show😢…

⇲ Buckwild if Shain Gandee didn’t get stuck in the truck 🥺…

⇲ the only show i ever considered being as good as jersey shore was buckwild rip shain gandee

⇲ i can't be the only one who remembers shain gandee...…

⇲ Some of you never watched Buckwild and seen Shain Gandee and it shows..

⇲ Shain Gandee, of Buckwild fame, died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning....Just saying

⇲ Never forget a true American hero.. RIP Shain Gandee #letsgetbuckwild

⇲ I'm Shain Gandee. You know why they call me gandee candy? Bc it's trick or treat alllllllllllllllllllll year round

⇲ Swear Shain Gandee was everything on buckwild

⇲ i still get sad about shain gandee 😕

⇲ Friendly reminder that Shain Gandee's family tried to use their son's death to profit from candy sales.

⇲ How reprehensible is @jack? He took down my Shain Gandee tribute collage

⇲ RIP to the homie Sugar Shain Gandee....How long will they mourn Shain?

⇲ Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweetheart meets Buckwild’s Shain Gandee the Gandee-cane

⇲ I wish I could have partied or at least known Shain gandee he was the real mvp even though some of you don’t even know who I’m taking about

⇲ RIP to the GandeeCandy Shain Gandee #Buckwild 😔




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