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Silent Hill

Resident Evil 8 enemy designs will be the most disturbing in series history according to a brief...


Resident Evil 8's Enemy Designs Reportedly Most Disturbing In Series

Resident Evil 8 enemy designs will be the most disturbing in series history according to a brief...

discovered 1 month ago on Screen Rant

Dead Space 2's Plasma Cutter Is Gaming's Most Underrated Handgun

Dead Space 2's plasma cutter is most useful.

discovered 1 month ago on Screen Rant

The Ascent Shows Next-Gen Gameplay After Lackluster Xbox Showcase

It's unclear why this Xbox-exclusive gameplay wasn't in the recent 20/20 showcase, but The Ascent...

discovered 1 month ago on Screen Rant

Resident Evil 8 rumored to be darkest and grisliest yet in series

Capcom has not officially revealed Resident Evil 8, but an insider claims that it is the “darkest”...

discovered 1 month ago on Digital Trends via Yahoo Finance

The Atheist Preacher. The Thorn in Beijing’s Side. The Mayor Awaiting Her Murder.

“I realized how little of what I said got through to anyone,” said Ms. Vosper, 61. “Most of the...

discovered 6 months ago on New York Times

Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Is The Best Live-Action Video Game Adaptation Ever, And It’s Not Even Close

It took me a few days longer than I thought due to the holidays, but on Christmas Eve I managed to...

discovered 6 months ago on Forbes

Shadows Of The Damned 2 Updates: Will It Happen?

Is Shadows Of The Damned 2 on the way?

discovered 6 months ago on Screen Rant

Silent Sam defense compounds outrage

The main deal, of course, was settling a lawsuit filed by the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) by giving the group $2.5 million in university funds to take ownership and care for the statue ...

discovered 6 months ago on The Daily Reflector


⇲ Happy mother's day to the best mom in Silent Hill! Harry Mason!

⇲ Just finished playing silent hill 3 so here's a little Heather fanart <3

⇲ Holy god , The medium is made by some silent hill devs 👀👀👀 wow and its xbox exclusive 🤩🤩🤩🤩 well mature games incomming to the xbox

⇲ me trying to fuck pyramid head in silent hill VR

⇲ 🔊 "It not just Akira Yamaoka's music that seems familiar, everything about The Medium screams Silent Hill" Check out the first impressions after the official reveal of The Medium!… #TheMediumGame #TheMedium #Blooberteam #HorrorGames #AkiraYamaoka

⇲ 🔁 Silent Hill (2006)

⇲ These are games I think Sony could have PS5 marketing rights or exclusive content: ✅Grand Theft Auto 6 ✅FIFA (ongoing) ✅Call of Duty (ongoing) ✅Remedy next game ✅New Batman ✅Resident Evil 8 ✅FF7 Remake Part 2 ✅Silent Hill reboot ✅Kojima next game ✅New Crash Bandicoot

⇲ I like the rumored ps5 Exclusive launch window games 👀🔥: 👻Silent Hill PS5 🏹Horizon Zero Dawn 2 🔧Ratchet and Clank PS5 ☠️Demon Souls Remake 🔫Resistance games comeback?

⇲ Vinny Vinesauce Silent Hill

⇲ Remember when Silent Hill gave us this warning and it amounted to if the gross flesh goblins had titties or not

⇲ I’m really happy that i finished Silent Hill 🥰❤️ wanting to play it for so long but keep excusing myself with other games instead lol. I’m going to play all silent hill games ( i think )

⇲ Have a tough choice to make for camera direction. Silent Hill style is very aesthetic but playing it feels like you're drunk and disoriented, but maybe I'll get used to it Resident Evil style is easy to control but not as cool to watch RE will probably win out because gameplay

⇲ There was a saying in the first Silent Hill Movie back then.... "In the eyes of a child, Mother is God..." And boy, were they right :3 Happy Mother's Day

⇲ to em silent hill

⇲ Bluepoint's Game Gran Turismo Godfall Silent Hill Resident Evil 8 Horizon 2 Spider-Man 2 Astro Bot 2 Ratchet & Clank Housemarque's Game Ready at Dawn's Game genDESIGN's Game Crash Bandicoot Call of Duty Street Fighter VI

⇲ The closer to work the more it looks like Silent Hill.

⇲ DF virou Silent Hill 😬

⇲ Time to continue Silent Hill 2

⇲ I wonder what The Last of Us would be like if it had fixed cameras like Silent Hill/Resident Evil 1




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