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Sim City


The history of video games

The first electronic games were invented about 70 years ago, but they looked nothing like video games today. The original video games in the 1950s didn’t...

discovered 1 month ago on The Gazette

Why a microwave-beam experiment will launch aboard the Air Force’s secretive X-37B space plane

A secretive military space plane will soon test the idea of using microwave beams to send solar...

discovered 1 month ago on LiveScience

The SNES, DS, Zelda, Pokémon And More: Is November 21 Nintendo’s Favorite Day For Releases?

The SNES launched as the Super Famicom on this day in 1990. It’s also a big day for Game Freak–themselves empowered by Nintendo–which has released no fewer than seven games on November 21. It ...

discovered 7 months ago on Forbes

Amazon is Planning Its Own Game Streaming Service for Next Year

Amazon is gearing to throw its hat into the gaming ring. The popular online shopping and...

discovered 7 months ago on Screen Rant

How ideological bias in video game design changes our view of society

Civilization VI, a game I like, has a new expansion pack out. It’s a strategy game series I’ve been...

discovered 8 months ago on The Next Web

Sims Creator Will Wright Sees Lack Of 'Fundamental Design Approach' To Game Design

Will Wright's work on SimCity, The Sims, and Spore have engaged players' creative minds and built...

discovered 8 months ago on GameDaily.Biz via Yahoo Finance

The Morning After: An 'Elder Scrolls' cookbook

Well, the UK military's latest robots have haptic feedback, we get a deep-dive on a long-lost NES port of SimCity and an Elder Scrolls cookbook surfaces.

discovered 8 months ago on Engadget

This week in video game history: 'Sim City 4,' 'Final Fantasy All The Bravest'

As with 1989's "SimCity" and its two successors, the less predictably named "SimCity 2000" and "...

discovered 8 months ago on AFP Relax News via Yahoo News


⇲ Composer Jerry Martin Releases “New Terrain” Track from SimCity 3000…

⇲ Good Lord Governor @GavinNewsom . Did you learn how to govern from playing Sim City? The infinite money glitch was fun, but this is real life. I, as a voter, plead with you to stop your madness and bring my State back into a budget; and please stop begging for money.

⇲ SimCity Bundesliga Manager Professional UFO - Enemy Unknown Shogun Total War Civilisation…

⇲ TIL that Chevron commissioned the makers of SimCity to create an oil refinery simulation, SimRefinery, in 1993. It was never released to the public. If there are any former Chevron employees out there sitting on an old copy, I would absolutely love to see that shit.

⇲ Downloaded simcity buildit again. I miss my city

⇲ SimCity on a Mac Plus. It holds up.

⇲ I think the NSW Government's plan for Sydney is just plagiarised from this old Sim City box…

⇲ This is an update to the simcity 5 remake camera movement prototype

⇲ am i writing more this weekend to avoid thinking about: our way too early reopening during a pandemic, my boyfriend introducing me to his parents as his "friend," or that my town on simcity went backrupt again? who can say

⇲ Play SimCity BuildIt Now!

⇲ Great Stream, Sim City was fun im going to do that again soon :D

⇲ Who thinks @kennedystewart is too incompetent to run a Sim City, let alone a real fucking city?…

⇲ it is sunday and i now plan to play 5 hours of simcity 4

⇲ Apparently I unintentionally made a #WillWright month and just now realized it. Raid on Bungeling Bay is his first game, back from 1984, which he considers "mediocre". I don't agree, it is a brilliantly designed shoot em up with, yes, Sim City elements.…

⇲ Hey everyone welcome back i just got the motivation to finish up Simcity 5 building construction prototype, it's now working!

⇲ I used to do this on SimCity all the time.…

⇲ the sim city 2000 newspaper article generator is still very underrated

⇲ remember when EA released a sim city that was always online and said it was impossible to make an update to have it play offline and then they later made an update to have it be playable offline those were good times

⇲ Who remembers Sim City? Y'all remember that you can simulate multiple natural, destructive disasters on your built town with a simple click? This is 2020 in a nutshell.




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