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Spotify Wrapped


House-passed infrastructure bill faces congressional purgatory

A MILESTONE FOR THE MAX: The FAA has now wrapped up three days of certification test flights for the Boeing 737 MAX, a major step toward putting the plane back in the air, ...

discovered 2 days ago on Politico

The lost retro recipes that fed my soul

There is a love of food in the pages. With each recipe, I like to research what was happening on that day in 1968. What films were in the cinema? Who was...

discovered 2 days ago on Daily Mail

Equity Monday: Uber-Postmates is announced, three funding rounds and narrative construction

This is Equity Monday, our week-starting primer in which we go over the latest news, dig into the...

discovered 2 days ago on TechCrunch

Love Is Blind's Mark Cuevas goes public with new girlfriend

Just after Jessica Batten revealed her new romance on social media, her ex Mark Cuevas has gone...

discovered 2 days ago on Cosmo

Kanye West announces 2020 presidential bid in bizarre 4th of July tweet

In 2015, when Kanye West accepted the Video Vanguard lifetime achievement honor at the MTV Video...

discovered 2 days ago on Yahoo Music

Spotify Announces Oral History of The Office Podcast Hosted by Brian Baumgartner (a.k.a. Kevin!)

Launching exclusively on Spotify on July 14, the 12-episode podcast will feature interviews with...

discovered 2 days ago on People via Yahoo News

Christmas 2019: Nissan made a holiday song using its 2020 Leaf's pedestrian warning sounds

Nissan has turned pedestrian warning sounds into a holiday jingle and decked out its 2020 Leaf...

discovered 6 months ago on USA Today

Ariana Grande dropped a live concert album, ‘k bye for now’

The holidays just got a little bit sweeter for Ariana Grande devotees. The pop titan dropped “k bye...

discovered 6 months ago on FOX 43 Harrisburg




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