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This summer is going to be pretty busy for video games! Along with, you know, every other big...


Steam Summer Sale 2020 Dates Unearthed by Dataminers - Siliconera

This summer is going to be pretty busy for video games! Along with, you know, every other big...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Siliconera

Law enforcement officials fear that the US will see an increase in arson and violence linked to 5G...

A joint intelligence bulletin also concluded that there have been several attacks on 5G cell towers...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Business Insider via Yahoo News

Opinion | Why reopening protests reminiscent of the tea party era are fizzling

The protesters began losing steam when the Koch network, underwriters of the tea party movement from...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Washington Post

Steam’s New 'Play Next' Recommendation Feature Mostly Sticks To Hits

Steam’s latest new feature is undeniably useful: The “Play Next” library widget generates a list of...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Kotaku

Leak Tips Steam Summer Sale Dates, New Loyalty Program

The Steam Summer Sale is usually a time to spend more money than you intended on lots of very cheap...

discovered 2 weeks ago on PC Magazine

Global Steam Turbine-Driven Generator Market 2020 Size, Share, Top Manufacturers, Segmentation,...

The report analyzes the global Steam Turbine-Driven Generator market size and share of each separate segment in the market. In addition, it delivers details regarding the ...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Market Watch

House Democrats Unveil $3 Trillion Proposal For Coronavirus Relief

House Democrats are moving full steam ahead with legislation to provide a new wave of coroanvirus...

discovered 2 weeks ago on NPR

Appeal to help save 'Line to the Stars' railway

A steam railway that featured in Downton Abbey and Poirot needs £300,000 to help it recover from lockdown. The Bluebell Railway in East Sussex has hosted...

discovered 2 weeks ago on BBC News


⇲ Raymond is now publicly available for Tony Hawk's Underground 2 / THUG Pro! Special thanks to Ziella on The Models Resource and Legoformer1000 and Pretzel on Steam for the model.…

⇲ Luan is losing her steam! And it's not the steam from the rice cooker! #TheLoudHouse

⇲ Why is Source SDK Base 2007 topping the charts on Steam with 75k players?

⇲ Fred Shane, Steam Engine Over Trestle, 1940.

⇲ Starting #freecodesaturday early again and doing a #giveaway for Biscuitts Game for the Steam. To enter: Follow and Retweet. Random winner selected on Saturday =]

⇲ Littlewood 1.0 will be launching at the end of July!!! Cloud saves + Steam achievements + a ton of content is on the way

⇲ fletch and i are here to remind you all to steam and buy bitter on all platforms 🍋 #issaproudLGBTQ

⇲ It looks like the Steam 2020 Summer Sale dates may have leaked 🤔

⇲ "Eevee!" reached 400 downloads on the Modding of Isaac! Only took...9 months. The site is nearly pointless as you could just do the Steam Workshop, and there it updates automatically, but I suppose it's still another way for people to find your mod!

⇲ My veggies are not boring because I work on them I just dont steam Spice them up ,pimp them up with lemon ,honey ,sauces anything that can make them tasty...just make them tasty ...your fam will enjoy them #cookingwithfikz

⇲ 😤 steam-from-nose + 🥴 woozy =

⇲ People discussed the usefulness of negative Steam reviews from players who've played the game 1000s of hours the other day, so I built a small website that shows you the review score split up based on play time. Check it out:

⇲ Jigsaw puzzles provide an opportunity to concentrate, analyze, sequence, & problem solve. Create your own puzzles online or by cutting magazines, calendar pictures, or cereal boxes into different sections. ✂️ Share a homemade puzzle in the comments! #StayHomeForNevada #STEAM

⇲ Doing a $20 Steam Gift Card Giveaway!! All you have to do to enter is: Follow @KevinRLGaming Retweet & Like This Tweet! Giveaway Ends 5/25/20

⇲ Power house mechanic working on steam pump, 1920 - by Lewis Hine (1874 - 1940), USA

⇲ Good news everyone! I got refunded by the bank the money I was scammed out of by the steam hacker!😊

⇲ taking everland servers down for the night - back up in 12 hours happy with today =) only small bugs, everyone connected at same time with no lag or crashes tomorrow, going to let everyone in, whether you pre-registered or not. got the build on steam :D…

⇲ This is dangerous for construction workers 👷 goggles do steam and some bosses still force you to continue to work or get Sacked 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❎👍👷

⇲ We live in a timeline where Fallout 76 has a higher steam rating than Doom: Eternal 2020 is fucking cursed




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