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Team America

The Pitch: High school comedies and romances are spoofed, skewered and served up stupidly in this raunchy, hilarious parody that takes all the clichés of teen movies from the 1980s, 1990s and ...


The Quarantine Stream: 'Not Another Teen Movie' Perfectly and Stupidly Spoofs High School Clichés

The Pitch: High school comedies and romances are spoofed, skewered and served up stupidly in this raunchy, hilarious parody that takes all the clichés of teen movies from the 1980s, 1990s and ...

discovered 2 weeks ago on /Film

Conn College Appoints Jim Nagle as Full-Time Head Coach

Jim Nagle, a veteran coach, educator and author who has served as the interim head coach for the...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Inside Lacrosse

Return of #ICYMI Monday - ProFootballTalk

Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland will no longer have to worry about potential foot odor in confined spaces. The Cowboys have ruled out removing the...

discovered 2 weeks ago on NBC Sports: ProFootballTalk

Team America: World Police - 10 Things You Never Knew About The Movie

Team America: World Police was an ambitiously hilarious film made entirely with puppets. These are...

discovered 2 weeks ago on Screen Rant

Michigan State holds off Seton Hall in the best game of the young college basketball season so far

1. Myles Powell had one of the stronger performances in a regular-season losing effort you'll ever...

discovered 6 months ago on CBS Sports

Trailblazing basketball player of Japanese descent dies

Mikasa was the point guard on the Utah team that won the NCAA Tournament in 1944 and the NIT in 1947. Misaka played three games for the New York Knicks during the 1947-48 ...

discovered 6 months ago on Washington Post

RedStorm ranked 30th in preseason poll - Gallipolis Daily Tribune

The 17-player list was released by the NAIA-BCA All-American Committee. Surrell, who is one of only...

discovered 6 months ago on Gallipolis Daily Tribune

Top Stock Reports for Facebook, Bank of America & Home Depot

Thursday, November 21, 2019 The Zacks Research Daily presents the best research output of our...

discovered 6 months ago on Zacks via Yahoo Finance


⇲ A guy showed up at a Subway today carrying a bazooka! Imagine if you were at a nearby table with your kids? Or sitting with some of their little league team? This is Trump's America. This is why you have to donate to and vote for @JoeBiden. Because this crazy shit has to end

⇲ During America's crisis, Joe Biden protected China's feelings. Or perhaps he was protecting China's investment, considering his son Hunter inked a $1.5 BILLION deal with China during his vice presidency? Beijing Biden puts China First - even while they try to hurt America.

⇲ Today Trump just called on Congress to force Barack Obama to testify. Dear America, please remember this when Congress subpoena's citizen Donald J Trump in 2021, and his legal team tries to argue that a former President can not be subpoenaed by Conrgress. #YOMAMAGATE

⇲ I am sorry, but Team Biden does not get props for forming committees with progressives to study issues the left already has bold, workable policy prescriptions for. Not when America is approaching 20% unemployment. Not when millions have lost their insurance.

⇲ Beijing Biden: Dangerous for America

⇲ Wake up, America. It's coming..and it's coordinated.

⇲ Never a good look to bet against America, Team Joe.

⇲ Seems like this needs to be said again: Moscow launched a sweeping information warfare attack against America in 2016 to help Trump win election. Trump and his team knew what was happening, planned to capitalize on it, failed to alert the FBI, and then tried to cover it up.

⇲ ATTN Pokémon friends, we’ve got more #PokemonMysteryDungeonDX Wonder Mail passwords for you to take on! Check out Special Requests from the below Pokémon and prep your rescue team for battle! Larvitar: 5JSMNWF0 Beautifly: CNTSN2F1 Chingling: R6T1XSH5

⇲ Good meeting of the @WhiteHouse Coronavirus Task Force today as we welcome new members, @SecretarySonny, @SecGeneScalia, Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Peter Marks & Thomas Engels to the team. Thanks to the American people, we’re making Great Progress Safely Opening Up America Again.🇺🇸

⇲ We started with NOTHING and we WON. Remember that. There is a very complex global battle being fought by our President and his team. We did it before and by God we will DO IT AGAIN! MAKE. AMERICA. GREAT. AGAIN.

⇲ Who is America's second best uneven bars worker currently on the National Team?

⇲ Here’s a better idea: It’s time for a #WealthTax in America.…

⇲ #Pathetic_IndianMedia which covers European Parliament (EP) in Brussels, was plagiarising news from Russia Today and Voice of America since a long time... @Dilkash_1 @Team_IKWarrior

⇲ Get to know the team of heroes you’ll be battling alongside in #XenobladeChronicles Definitive Edition! Learn more:

⇲ Joe Biden in the White House means China First (and Hunter Biden's Bank Account First). President Trump in the White House means America First, always. #BeijingBiden

⇲ One nation deserves the blame for the coronavirus: China. Joe Biden still coddles China. He always has. He always will. He is the last person America needs to guide them through this crisis!

⇲ Joe Biden's deadbeat son Hunter inked a $1.5 BILLION deal with China after flying to Beijing on Air Force Two with his father. Biden doesn't care about keeping America safe. He puts China First - even while they try to hurt America.

⇲ As a part of COVID relief work, more than 1750 health care professionals are undergoing the @artofliving Online Breath & Meditation workshop in Latin America. Kudos to the team of teachers & volunteers for taking this initiative.




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