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Teen Top

The Top 11 contestants from The Voice Season 17 are set to perform Monday night during episode 19....


"The Voice" 2019 top 11 performances, predictions & live blog: Who will be saved or eliminated...

The Top 11 contestants from The Voice Season 17 are set to perform Monday night during episode 19....

discovered 7 months ago on Newsweek

Teen's "slave for sale" Craigslist post prompts hate crime charges

Prosecutors allege the white Naperville Central High School freshman also included "an offensive...

discovered 7 months ago on CBS News

Happening Today: E-Scooter, Thanksgiving Eve Storm, Travel

Get the top headlines of the day in your morning briefing from NBC 4 New York, Monday through...

discovered 7 months ago on NBC New York

Teen charged with killing parents in Allegany County claims dad shot mom

The bodies of Lisa Larson, 50, and William Larson Sr., 67, were discovered after crews responded to...

discovered 7 months ago on WROC Rochester

Teen from Gambia gets life saving heart surgery at LI hospital

A teen from Gambia has a lot to the thankful for this Thanksgiving; the 14-year-old, born with a...

discovered 7 months ago on WPIX 11 New York

CPD searching for missing teen, Raymond Richmond, Jr.

COLUMBUS, GA. (WRBL)–The Columbus Police Department Special Victims Unit is searching for a missing ...

discovered 7 months ago on WRBL Columbus

Stormzy, Ariana and Avengers win Radio 1 Teen Awards

BBC young sports personality of the year was revealed to be 18-year-old boxer Caroline Dubois, who hopes to compete at the Olympics in Tokyo next year....

discovered 7 months ago on BBC News

Ariana Grande Reacts to Her TikTok Look-Alike

Teen TikToker Paige Niemann has racked up over 1.5 million followers impersonating the pop star. Niemann has had fans doing a double take with videos of...

discovered 7 months ago on MSN News




⇲ CHANGJO (TEEN TOP) talking about how he got close with #JONGHO and DONGHYUN (AB6IX) . @ATEEZofficial #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #エイティーズ

⇲ After being tagged by Teen Top Changjo, Kihyun chose Park Sunho, SF9 Inseong and B1A4 Sandeul for #덕분에챌린지 (Thank you challenge) "My friend Sunho Inseong-ie Sandeul hyung that I like so much" He never hide his love for Sandeul 😂

⇲ the reason behind why jongho is closed to changjo (teentop): jh llisten really well to his hyung, willing to help when asked and said jh is nice younger brother so he started to open his heart. he got invitation to atz con too. jongho bestest brother 🥺

⇲ why do wooseok’s, jinhyuk’s and mcnd’s creative and promotion teams work so hard but up10tion’s, teen top’s and 100%’s are doing the bare minimum 😭

⇲ changjo (teen top) - never anything

⇲ High Note Battle : They need to sing Mr. Chu and raise the octave each time. Apink and Teen Top's Main Vocalist Everyone! ✨💞

⇲ I was chosen by CHANGJO of Teen Top to participate in #ThankYouChallenge. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this meaningful challenge, and I would like to express my deepest gratitude and respect to all medical staff and workers around the world .. ⬇️

⇲ [200509] #CHANGJO Live Stream Some idols that Changjo thinks are great dancers 👍👍 Taeyang, Kai, Taemin, Rocky, Jongup, Zelo, etc are in the list 😍 #TEENTOP

⇲ TOP MÚSICAS DO DISNEY CHANNEL 33 • On My Own - Teen Beach Movie

⇲ TOP MÚSICAS DO DISNEY CHANNEL 50 • Can't Stop Singing - Teen Beach Movie

⇲ thinking about all the teen top content we could have if top media weren’t so incompetent

⇲ "Eight" on top of Spotify's "Teen Party" playlist!

⇲ remember the legendary performance when infinite x teentop happened when inspirit x angel have been wanting their interactions...and we got it BFJDJDJD

⇲ [200513] #CHANGJO Live Stream Changjo talking about ghosts 😵👻 #TEENTOP @TEEN_TOP

⇲ [200516] #CHUNJI Live Stream ‼️Lower down your volume before viewing‼️ A mini Chanhee screaming compilation 🤣 Poor boy, I feel bad for him but he’s too cute 😆😆💜 #TEENTOP

⇲ kihyun was tagged by teen top's changjo for the thank you challenge on instagram & kihyun went on to tag actor/singer seonho, SF9's inseong and B1A4's sandeul!!

⇲ The way he reiterated that he IS IN FACT still promoting as a teen top member 🥺🥺🥺…




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