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The Bionic Woman Season Two


Why James Cameron Didn't Direct Alita: Battle Angel

James Cameron had originally planned to direct the Alita: Battle Angel movie, but later handed the project off to Robert Rodriguez. Initially scheduled...

discovered 4 days ago on Screen Rant

Television Q&A: Are actors Andrew Walker and Paul Greene related?

You have questions. I have some answers.

discovered 4 weeks ago on Miami Herald

‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ cream of sci-fi crop

You remember the sound ... of when Steve Austin or Jamie Somers was using their bionics to jump high, or see or hear things far away? Today we talk about what I consider to be the cream of the ...

discovered 1 month ago on The Hazleton Standard-Speaker

Why 'The Bionic Woman' Resonates With Queer, Feminist Audiences

There were even fights with the Sasquatch (in the show's universe, he was real), female robots...

discovered 1 month ago on The Advocate

Where no one has gone before: Star Trek's resurgence from those who were there back when

Two women who contributed to the legacy that is Star Trek 50-plus years ago comment on the...

discovered 7 months ago on The Florida Times-Union




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