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The Fosters

A limited menu is now in effect for Vice’s “soft opening.” The restaurant has not yet received its...


Vice: New restaurant shakes up American fare with international flavors

A limited menu is now in effect for Vice’s “soft opening.” The restaurant has not yet received its...

discovered 7 months ago on Staten Island Advance

Seek and you will find a church community that meets your spiritual needs | PennLive letters

One reason why church attendance is decreasing is because the theological message in many churches...

discovered 7 months ago on The Patriot-News

From Ellen to Charlie Brown, celebrate the holidays with these new and classic TV specials

It's the most wonderful time of the year (again), and what better way to spend the holidays than...

discovered 7 months ago on USA TODAY Entertainment via Yahoo News

When it comes to wildfires, should California be more like Australia?

While not perfect, Australia has studied fire extensively and crafted policies intended to reduce...

discovered 7 months ago on The Lake County Record-Bee

Bill Shankly remains the personification of Liverpool 60 years after he arrived on Merseyside

Bill Shankly knew what he was getting into 60 years ago when he took the job as Liverpool manager. ...

discovered 7 months ago on The Independent via Yahoo Sport

The Very (Very) Slow Rise of Lesbianism on TV

In Season 2 of “Golden Girls,” Dorothy (Bea Arthur) and the girls receive a visit from her childhood friend Jean (Lois Nettleton) at their Miami abode....

discovered 7 months ago on New York Times

IOTA Strengthens Blockchain Community via Unified Identity Protocol - CryptoNewsZ

IOTA, the globally reputed distributed ledger technology that fosters decentralized trading...

discovered 7 months ago on

Texas Thanksgiving holiday travel expected to be busiest since '05

The Fosters were dropped off at the Longview Amtrak station for the journey north by his sister and...

discovered 7 months ago on The Longview News-Journal


⇲ *the fosters theme song starts playing* me: IT’S NOT WHERE YOU COME FROM IT’S WHERE YOU BELONG...

⇲ remember when they switched jake t austin w/ noah centino’s fugly ass on the fosters??? the disrespect

⇲ 3 words... watch the fosters

⇲ me after realizing Lena and Stef from The Fosters aren’t how parents actually are in real life

⇲ The perfect zoom reunion would look like this... #TheFosters

⇲ Bearsden AFC are looking to recruit players in all positions but we are concentrating specifically on GOALKEEPERS! Anyone interested in a new challenge playing within the Fosters Central Championship please send me a DM or sent me a text on 07496454123 👏⚽️

⇲ The Fosters is THE most beautiful TV series ever and no one can convince me otherwise.

⇲ Not being funny but why the hell did The Fosters end after only 5 seasons? It was so good and with the amount of main characters, there was still so many places the show could go! I’m so sad

⇲ rewatching the fosters rn & i’m getting mad all over again that they replaced jake t austin w fucking noah centipede. like they look the same? the audacity!!!!

⇲ why did the fosters have to be revolves around incest why why why

⇲ You can never rewatch The Fosters too many times Amen 🙏🏽

⇲ i only have eight episodes left of the fosters and i’m currently freaking out wondering what to do with my life after i’m done

⇲ Never thought about how much you can miss a house from a Tv show before The Fosters came along, the house feels so much like home and I just miss it so much! 🥺 #TheFosters

⇲ are the fosters worth watching???

⇲ brandon from the fosters is so ugly

⇲ oomf just asked if we mean braille as in the fosters ship then said i’m jewish how would i know what braille means

⇲ missing them hours #thefosters

⇲ Nunca voy a perdonar a Netflix por sacarme The Fosters

⇲ my apartment always feels so calm once all the fosters are gone




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