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Opinion | Here’s a way to counter a Republican effort to rewrite history on the whistleblower

September 29th in the Wall Street Journal, quote, “The whistleblower at the center of the...

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Entertainment Briefs - Nov. 14 | Brainerd Dispatch

The trio is receiving rave critical notices from the likes of Billboard, Rolling Stone Country, The Huffington < ...

discovered 4 months ago on Brainerd Dispatch
The 1 Surprising Thing That Helps Ease Anxiety Is Something You Probably Already Love to Do

Unaware of the term "bibliotherapy," I've been practicing a method of easing anxiety that...

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Global Warming Sets Saudi Aramco’s IPO on Fire

You’d have to be a Saudi prince soaking in oil riches to find $1.5 trillion — the value of more than five Exxon Mobils — too small a sum, but that’s...

discovered 4 months ago on Bloomberg
The ONE CHART That Explains Global Markets

Hint: It doesn’t involve trade-war rumors.

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Revolution & #Resistance: The Life and Times of Lauren Duca

If a media company like Condé Nast is capable of political action, then it is only what it hasn’t...

discovered 4 months ago on The Nation
Journalists Sue After They Were Interrogated at the Border

The suit seeks to test the limits of U.S. officials’ broad authority to question anyone

discovered 4 months ago on Time Magazine
Lawsuit: US border officers questioned journalists at length

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Five American journalists sued the U.S. government Wednesday, alleging border...

discovered 4 months ago on MSN News
The British Remind Us They Too Have Messy Politics

Smaller debates aren’t necessarily better ones. Also, there’s that royal family thing.

discovered 4 months ago on Bloomberg
Forget Big Tech monopolies — the better stock-market investment is in oligopolies

Here’s the thing though: AT&T pulled off an $85 billion acquisition of content king Time Warner in...

discovered 4 months ago on Market Watch
Texas Teacher Charged with Assault After Video Allegedly Shows Her Punching, Stomping on Student

A Texas substitute teacher has been arrested after she was allegedly caught on video assaulting a...

discovered 4 months ago on People via Yahoo News
The Unicorn Age Is Suddenly Much Less Magical

Investors now want boring things like “profits” and “governance.”

discovered 4 months ago on Bloomberg
The untold truth of Planes, Trains and Automobiles

There are literally hundreds of Christmas movies, but for such a major American holiday about the cinematic theme of family togetherness, there are...

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HuffPost post: Save the planet — skip Thanksgiving

The Huffington Post, in what’s probably going to go down as the stupidest idea in American history, put out a < ...

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Elizabeth Warren Will Give Wall Street Something to Cry About

The reaction you get when you mention Elizabeth Warren on Wall Street. There was a brief moment this...

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The Woman Fired for Flipping Off Trump Has Won an Election in Virginia

On Tuesday night, Briskman got a new job, joining the historic wave of female candidates to run for...

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Things you might not know (but should!) about Jeff Goldblum

Study up on actor Jeff Goldblum before you watch his new Disney+ show, The World According to Jeff...

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Fox News ridiculed over 'War on Thanksgiving' segment

Although the piece in the Huffington Post is actually an examination of the carbon footprint of ...

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Post-#MeToo, Ernst & Young Grapples With Diverging Views Of Its Culture

Affection and cheerfulness were feminine traits, they were told, whereas ambition and assertiveness...

discovered 4 months ago on NPR
Yes, Stocks Are Soaring in the Trump Era

It’s not the best presidential record, but fourth place isn’t bad.

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