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The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn


Musicians Who Are Major 'Twilight' Fans

Whether fans of the Twilight franchise rallied behind #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob, they have something in common with a couple of A-listers, including...

discovered 1 month ago on Billboard

43 Richest Child Stars of All Time

Fanning is set to star in the upcoming movie adaptation of “The Nightingale” alongside her sister, Elle. Christina Ricci: $18 Million ...

discovered 1 month ago on GOBankingRates via Yahoo Finance

The Creepy Renesmee Doll From Twilight Might Actually Be Haunted

The Twilight animatronic Renesmee doll continues to scare tourists while on display in Forks,...

discovered 1 month ago on Screen Rant

Renesmee doll from Twilight: Breaking Dawn could be HAUNTED

The creepy-looking puppet was made to portray Renesmee, the daughter of vampire Edward Cullen and...

discovered 1 month ago on Daily Mail

Mission: Impossible director says current story was split into two movies so M:I7 isn't too long

Mission: Impossible is known for its dangerous and risky stunts, but now it's attempting something...

discovered 1 month ago on Digital Spy

'Cats' Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber Just Dissed James Corden

"Cats" composer Andrew Lloyd Webber recorded a commentary for the 1998 filmed version of his beloved...

discovered 1 month ago on TheWrap

Robert Pattinson Reveals Why He Decided to Take on The Batman

Nearly eight years since Robert Pattinson starred in his last big-budget film for The Twilight Saga:...

discovered 1 month ago on Coming Soon

Twilight Saga: 10 Renesmee Memes Fans Will Love

Bella and Edward's child, Renesmee, is perfect meme-fodder for Twilight fans, and these are some of the best.

discovered 1 month ago on Screen Rant




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