Electronic producer Amon Tobin’s very productive and wildly surprising year

The musician isn't trying to fool anyone by suggesting the music is being made by a real band.

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Can the Weeknd Recapture the Mystery?

Tesfaye came close. Then he started joining the Weeknd in a Toronto studio, and decided to enlist Tesfaye to work on his second album. Those first...

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The 10 Best The Weeknd Songs

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The Weeknd Celebrates 'Trilogy' 5th Anniversary with New Collection

Trilogy added three additional songs for new fans who missed his tapes and wanted to dive into the ...

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Best The Weeknd Albums, Ranked

We hadn’t really met Abel Tesfaye yet, and we had no idea if The Weeknd was a solo act or not. In the time since then, The< ...

discovered 4 months ago on Complex via Yahoo News