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Tim Curry

IT, directed by Andy Muschietti, was of course the second attempt at adapting Stephen King's beloved novel for the screen, although the first to play in...


IT's Best Scare Happens in the Background

IT, directed by Andy Muschietti, was of course the second attempt at adapting Stephen King's beloved novel for the screen, although the first to play in...

discovered 6 months ago on Screen Rant

Mavericks' Tim Hardaway: Shooting drops off in loss

Mavericks' Tim Hardaway: Shooting drops off in loss

discovered 6 months ago on CBS Sports

13 Great Ensemble Whodunits to Watch After Knives Out

Rian Johnson’s Knives Out proves to audiences that there are still, in 2019, numerous joys to be...

discovered 6 months ago on Vulture

Shoe Designer Terry de Havilland Dies at 81

LONDON –Terry de Havilland, a British footwear pioneer whose skyscraper shoes were bright, outrageous and full of attitude, has died at age 81. Known as...

discovered 6 months ago on WWD via Yahoo News

Charlie's Angels: 7 Reasons Why The Elizabeth Banks Reboot Is Better Than The 2000 Movie (And 3...

Charlie's Angels is a franchise that started as a television show in 1976. The 2000 film starring...

discovered 6 months ago on Screen Rant

Seth Curry (ill) will play on Sunday

Curry was starting prior to the illness so we expect him to return to the starting lineup and push Tim Hardaway Jr back to the second unit which is a...

discovered 6 months ago on FantasyPros

‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ shoe designer Terry de Havilland dead at 81

Terry de Havilland, the man who designed Tim Curry's shoes for "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" has...

discovered 6 months ago on New York Daily News

Mavs at Lakers Preview Donuts: How Luka Is Changing Our NBA West Playoff Thoughts

It wasn’t that I thought the Mavericks wouldn’t be better this season. It’s not because (Luka)...

discovered 6 months ago on Sports Illustrated


⇲ Clue was supposed to have a 4th ending but to this day no one has seen it, and it involved Wadsworth, (Tim Curry's character) who turned out to be the killer. Though the other 3 endings are still available to watch on the DVD

⇲ 1am TONIGHT on @TalkingPicsTV The 1975 film🎥 “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” directed by Jim Sharman from a screenplay by Richard O'Brien & Jim Sharman and based on Richard O'Brien’s 1973 stage musical🎭🎶 of that name Stars Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick

⇲ Me: It’s fascinating that Dr Frank N Furter was originally a blonde German scientist but after Tim Curry perfected the role, he wore a triangle like the Nazis would identify gay prisoners by. We really need a prequel. Mom: What?? Who told you that? Me: Mom.........Tim Curry did

⇲ 🎦 It (1990) | Tim Curry's transformation as Pennywise

⇲ What is your favorite Tim Curry movie?

⇲ 😂 tim curry in this scene wtf? 😂

⇲ Tim Curry getting ready to portray Pennywise (1990)

⇲ Tim Curry on the set of ‘It’, 1990

⇲ I've spent most of the day thinking about how most folk are going to get at least another 6 months wear out of some their knickers in the grand scheme of things and thus this shitshow isn't all bad. How are you, Violet?…

⇲ I was today years old when I found Tim Curry was the voice of Nigel Thornberry

⇲ Tim Curry, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, @TalkingPicsTV, 1am.

⇲ Let's do the Time Warp again via @TalkingPicsTV for a watch-along of the cult film starring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon. Sweethearts Brad and Janet, stuck with a flat tire during a storm, discover the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite scientist. #rockyhorror

⇲ tim curry in the 1978 shakespeare tv series?? i am looking respectfully

⇲ It is a 1990 American ABC two-part psychological horror drama miniseries directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. On the DVD commentary track, the actors note that Tim Curry's characterization of Pennywise was so creepy and realistic that everyone avoided him during the filming.

⇲ I highly doubt Jesus is the Christ, but I know for certain that Tim Curry IS Frankenfurter!

⇲ Tim Curry como Pennywise en "IT" (1990).

⇲ Okay, this is Tim Curry as the evil rich guy who is about to sabotage some brilliant students whose research - if successful - would almost certainly destroy his business.

⇲ Let's talk about Bill Skarsgård and Tim Curry who both played as IT. ctto.

⇲ Is anyone more fabulous than Tim Curry. Rhetorical question obviously. #FlicksNoChills




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