Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider, also known as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider between 2001 and 2007, is a media franchise that originated with an action-adventure video game series created by British gaming company Core Design. Formerly owned by Eidos Interactive, then by Square Enix after their acquisition of Eidos in 2009, the franchise focuses on fictional British archaeologist Lara Croft, who travels around the world searching for lost artefacts and infiltrating dangerous tombs and ruins. Gameplay generally focuses on exploration of environments, solving puzzles, navigating hostile environments filled with traps, and fighting numerous enemies. Additional media has been developed for the franchise in the form of film adaptations, comics and novels. Development on the original Tomb Raider game began in 1994, and it was first released in October 1996. Its critical and commercial success prompted Core Design to develop a new game annually for the next four years, which put a strain on staff.

Google confirms games list for Stadia that will be available to buy on November 19 - Times of India

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There’s a lot of Tomb Raider on day one

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Maybe they should start calling this an early access launch.

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Early adopters can jump in starting next week.

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