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Tou Thao


New Video of George Floyd Murder Shows Cop Ignoring Bystanders' Pleas

The attorney for George Floyd's family just released a video of the murder, and this clearly shows...

discovered 3 weeks ago on TMZ

Scary New Video Shows Thao's Role in Floyd Killing

(Newser) – A new video shows George Floyd's final moments from a fresh angle—that of onlookers urging police let the man breathe as Officer Tou Thao...

discovered 3 weeks ago on newser

George Floyd death: 'The same happened to my son'

Youa Vang Lee was at her home in Minneapolis when her son showed her the video of George Floyd dying under a police officer's knee. Lee, a 59-year-old...

discovered 3 weeks ago on BBC via Yahoo News

New video of George Floyd’s death shows police ignoring concerned witnesses

While several bystanders implore the cops to back off, shouting things like “Get off of his neck,”...

discovered 3 weeks ago on NY Daily News

Video of George Floyd 'murder' shows cop Tou Thao ignoring bystanders

Horrifying new footage shows Minneapolis officer Tou Thao ignoring pleas for help from bystanders as...

discovered 3 weeks ago on Daily Mail

Chilling New Footage Shows Police Officer Ignoring Pleas To Help George Floyd

Officer Tou Thao does not respond or react to a group of people demanding that he help George Floyd,...

discovered 3 weeks ago on The Huffington Post

George Floyd: New footage shows officer ignoring onlooker's calls not to let him die

Damning new video of George Floyd’s death shows how police ignored bystanders' pleas to intervene as...

discovered 3 weeks ago on The Independent via Yahoo News UK

Attorney for ex-Minneapolis officer involved in George Floyd's death says client is 'not a violent...

Lane was one of two officers seen in a video helping former officer Derek Chauvin pin Floyd to the...

discovered 1 month ago on




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