True Religion

‘We Better Do Something’: Toni Morrison and Cornel West in Conversation

Cornel West: We want to begin just by raising the general query of how...

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The Hate Behind Donald Trump’s Success

Let me introduce you to a few Donald Trump supporters, men and women whom I met randomly, in line at the First Baptist Church, in Sparks, Nevada,...

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Note to Pundits: Stop Lecturing Pope Francis About American Politics

Attacks on the pope misrepresent his message and display the submerged anti-Catholicism in US...

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The naked truth about a UFO religion whose worshippers believe in "those who came from the sky"

After a few visits to Jersey City to meet with a local Raelian organizer named Houari, he began to...

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Militarization Has Become Our National Religion

When I was a teenager in the 1970s, I looked to the heavens: to God and Christianity (as arbitrated by the Catholic Church) and to the soaring warbirds...

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Who Is an Indian?

Khan, the preeminent South Asian Muslim intellectual of the 19th century, onward, Muslim leaders undertook a widespread effort to draw a line between...

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Katie Sowers: 1st woman and openly gay coach in Super Bowl history

In a historic move at the time, the NBA's San Antonio Spurs hired Becky Hammon as an assistant...

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Offset on his New Fashion Line, Dressing with Cardi, and Why Japanese Designers “Got the Way”

“Tie-dye is a wave right now,” Offset tells me in an airy Paris apartment, the sun beaming down...

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Missionaries of the Middle East

Bush, who found numerous creative ways of denying it. “Ours is not a campaign against the Muslim faith,” he insisted while the ruins of the World Trade...

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True Religious Faith Demands an Unwavering Rebuke of Trumpism

Last Wednesday, as members of the House of Representatives debated impeachment for the third time in...

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Dear Abby: New girlfriend balks at time he spends with his children and ex wife

Her bad relationship with her ex colors her feelings about his dealings with his family

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“Perversity’: Angry parents protest LGBTQ books in Virginia classrooms

To many, the books meant LGBTQ students could see their own lives reflected in the stories they...

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Why French left has a problem with Islamophobia

Recent anti-Islamophobia march in Paris has exposed deep divisions among French leftists on Islam.

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‘His Dark Materials’ Recap: Kids Don’t Follow

When this week’s episode of His Dark Materials — titled “The Idea of the North” — starts, Lyra is having the time of her life. In between she receives a...

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Lessons From An Anti-Conference

Now, anti-conferences (you may have also heard the term “unconferences”) are stepping up to the plate to amplify the out-of-office experience. Strangely...

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The Worst Dating Advice People Have Got From Their Married Friends

Your married friends mean well when they give you dating advice. To provide singles with a little...

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Burning Cane on Netflix is definitely worth your time

In the United Kingdom, Burning Cane flew relatively under the radar at the London Film Festival,...

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True religion

You may think that this Pastor’s “gone to meddling.” But I assure you that the topic of religion is extremely important. Since religion is important, we should concern ourselves with

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How and why did religion evolve?

Not to jump ahead too far, but it’s important to understand how pivotal feeling is in the evolution of religion. “It is an argument for materialism,” he...

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'The true religion of America': Why one TV mogul is going all in on sports

As streaming has rocked the television industry, one media mogul has gone against the trend by...

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