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Watchmen Season 2


Why Doom Patrol Is Only DC Universe Series On HBO Max

Doom Patrol is also on HBO Max for budget reasons.

discovered 17 hours ago on Screen Rant

The Mandalorian Reportedly Inspires Weird Golden Globes Rules Change

The Mandalorian changes awards season.

discovered 17 hours ago on Screen Rant

He-Man's Skeletor Is The Role That Brought Mark Hamill Back To Voice Over Work

Having a chance to play Skeletor in Masters of the Universe: Revelation was the opportunity that...

discovered 17 hours ago on Screen Rant

American Horror Story Season 10 Delayed To 2021

American Horror Story season 10's release has been delayed to 2021, after production was shut down during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In addition,...

discovered 17 hours ago on Screen Rant

Star Wars: Why Ahmed Best's New Character In Jedi Temple Challenge Can Have A Purple Lightsaber

Best hosts new game show Jedi Temple Challenge.

discovered 17 hours ago on Screen Rant

New on DVD: HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ shakes up classic comic

"Watchmen: An HBO Limited Series": HBO's "Watchmen" was one of the best-reviewed TV series of 2019. And because show creator and runner Damon Lindelof...

discovered 17 hours ago on The Idaho Statesman

The Flash Season 7 Features A Final Showdown With Godspeed

In an interview with TVLine, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace says Team Flash will finally face off...

discovered 17 hours ago on Screen Rant

Watchmen Ending Cliffhanger Gets Definitively Explained By Showrunner

HBO's Watchmen showrunner Damon Lindelof has opened up on the show's season 1 cliffhanger, and...

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