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Weather Washington Dc


US Forecast

..., State;Yesterday's High Temp (F);Yesterday's Low Temp (F);Today's High Temp (F);Today's Low Temp (F);Weather Condition;Wind Direction;Wind Speed...

discovered 6 months ago on Stamford Advocate

Mild Veterans Day Ahead of Cold, Possible Snow on Tuesday

A big chill is coming Tuesday along with a chance for a wintry mix of rain and snow, Storm Team4...

discovered 6 months ago on NBC Washington

Mild Veterans Day with temperatures in the 60s

A salute to all Veterans today as we honor them for their service on Monday and the weather will be perfect! There will be many parades and outdoor...

discovered 6 months ago on FOX 5 Washington D.C.

Biting Cold, Gusty Winds Followed by a Hard Freeze

Biting wind chills are here.

discovered 6 months ago on NBC Washington

Winter is coming: Arctic blast could shatter 190 or more record-cold temperatures across the US,...

A blast of cold air will arrive in the central and eastern U.S. early next week, according to the ...

discovered 6 months ago on FOX 35 Orlando

Congressman Charlie Crist’s bill could help veterans caught in the criminal justice system

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – When returning from military service, some veterans affected by...

discovered 6 months ago on WRBL Columbus

Funding for the military held up by disagreement over Trump border wall

The NDAA, which covers everything from spending to policy for the military, must be reauthorized by...

discovered 6 months ago on WRBL Columbus

Lawmakers seek to end specter of government shutdowns

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) — Another government shutdown could be upon us in just 10 days when...

discovered 6 months ago on WRBL Columbus




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