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Weiner Doll


Book World: 50 notable works of fiction in 2019

Flowing gracefully from historical fiction to contemporary realism to science fiction, linked stories imagine Thailand’s lush past – and climate-changed future. In the final installment in the ...

discovered 5 months ago on The Spokesman-Review

Anti-Vietnam and Very Horny: Why ‘Days of Rage’ Is Lost in Time

Elsewhere are banners reading “Vietnam for the Vietnamese,” and “Not One More Day. Louisa Thompson’s...

discovered 6 months ago on The Daily Beast

65 Holiday #Giftspiration Ideas for Basically EVERYONE in Your Life

So, I wanted to do you a favor – and save everyone a headache or two – by making it easy to pick...

discovered 6 months ago on HuffPost US

Emmy Nominations 2019: HBO Ascendant

The question that's going to define the future of television is a simple one: Quality or quantity? Last year, Netflix's...

discovered 6 months ago on The Atlantic

Ten 90-Minute Episodes of Miles Teller's Amazon Show? No One Asked For That

Forget "Peak TV" and "The Golden Age." In truth, television can be roughly divided into two eras:...

discovered 6 months ago on W via Yahoo News

Apple TV+ Won't Revolutionise Streaming, But Netflix Should Still Be Worried

Yesterday in Cupertino, California, Apple unveiled various new, shiny toys, including an always-on...

discovered 6 months ago on Esquire via Yahoo News

EMMYS 2019 Winner’s List: From Fleabag To Game Of Thrones Winning It BIG!

This year Emmys 2019 was everything emotional, spreading of wide-scale social messages and, about...

discovered 6 months ago on Pop Diaries via Yahoo Style India

Mattel Says Their New Gender-Neutral Dolls Will Help Boys Become Better Fathers

“The kids did not want their toys to be labeled,” Jess Weiner, a cultural expert and Mattel...

discovered 6 months ago on Men's Health via Yahoo News




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