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Kim Petras Has A Warning For Westboro Baptist Churchgoers Who Plan To Picket Her Show

German pop star Kim Petras is currently on tour supporting her record Clarity, and her tour...

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Bridgehead coffeehouse chain sold for $9.5M

The Ottawa-based Bridgehead coffeehouse chain has been bought by Aegis Brands, the parent company of Second Cup Coffee Co.

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One Book South Dakota, Young Readers One Book named

The 2020 One Book South Dakota is a tale of reinvention, of a person who changed her mind and her ways and left her family – her infamous and outspoken...

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Pop star Kim Petras claps back at anti-LGBTQ hate group with epic photoshoot

The holiday season is a time to spread love, light and joy which means that for infamous religious...

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Westboro protesters are execrable people

All I can say is that my father, a retired Air Force Reserve lieutenant colonel, died on April 5, 2014. No veteran, especially a combat veteran, or...

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Transgender Singer Kim Petras Trolls Westboro Baptist Church In Person

Kim Petras is sticking it to the Westboro Baptist Church once again, but this time she's her own...

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"Trans pop star Kim Petras posing in front of Westboro Baptist church protesters"


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Kim Petras Has No Time For Westboro Baptist Church's Transphobia

Kim Petras went full-on diva after learning that members of the Westboro Baptist Church, known for...

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