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What Time Does The Super Bowl Start


Kareem Hunt, Cowboys D among 5 Week 10 storylines to watch

Kareem Hunt is set to make his 2019 debut...premier running backs with the Kansas City Chiefs at the time of his suspension last season ...

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Jennifer Lopez was 'in tears' when she bagged Super Bowl Show

Jennifer Lopez was "in tears" when she found out she had securedthe Super Bowl Half-time Show. The

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Yellow flags, red flags, black eyes for NFL's 100th season

The NFL opted to go for a history-tinged Packers-Bears opener this year and what it got was a...

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The six freakiest kinds of winter weather you need to know about

We've already seen some rough winter weather in some provinces, and there's more of it to come as ...

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Titans Confident LeShaun Sims' Time Has Arrived

Now the fourth-year cornerback has a chance to show he rest of the world what he can do like never before. When starter Malcolm Butler ...

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Russell Wilson vs. 49ers’ No. 1 defense: Monday night’s prime-time matchup

What Russell Wilson does to a defense can’t be replicated. Certainly not in practice. For example,...

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The Sports Report: Clippers outlast the Raptors

Alan Hagman, a photo editor here at The Times, died on Monday. Facing the team he won an NBA title with last season for the first < ...

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Tom Brady, Patriots admit Super Bowl LII loss to Eagles sticks with them

It’s been 21 months since the Patriots lost a Super Bowl. “Yeah, absolutely,” said Pats captain...

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