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Wives Sleep


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Meghan Daum Has A 'Problem With Everything': Feminism, Cancel Culture And The Internet

Columnist and author Meghan Daum takes on political correctness in the new book, "The Problem with...

discovered 5 months ago on WBUR Boston

The Beauty Exec Fantasizing About the Single Dad Next Door

This week’s sex diary.

discovered 5 months ago on The Cut

Dali a father? He would need to have sex first

Pablo Picasso, the fellow Spaniard with whom Dalí shared an admiration and rivalry, was a machismo-fueled womanizer. "That's one of the things very...

discovered 5 months ago on Tampa Bay Times

The Housing Scene: Why you should keep an eye on mortgage rates

It pays to keep an eye on loan rates as they move up and down.

discovered 5 months ago on Hartford Courant

What we learned from Free, Melania, the salacious new book about the first lady

Melania Trump is an enigma, but a new book by Kate Bennett, a CNN reporter who spent years following...

discovered 5 months ago on The Guardian via Yahoo News

Why Milk Might Make Heartburn Worse, According to an Expert

You may have heard that drinking milk helps with heartburn. Or maybe your aunt swears that eating a...

discovered 5 months ago on Men's Health via Yahoo News

STUFF WE LIKE: Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019

Some pearls of wisdom we compiled today — and a bunch of other stuff you could probably live without.

discovered 6 months ago on Pharos-Tribune




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