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Xbox Reveal


Here are the Xbox Series X games we think Microsoft will show off on July 23

Microsoft today announced it’s going to be showing off games for the upcoming Xbox Series X in a big...

discovered 1 day ago on TNW

Xbox Series X Games Showcase slated for July 23

Microsoft will reveal new details about the Xbox Series X and its lineup of next-generation games on July 23, the company announced on Monday. Microsoft ...

discovered 1 day ago on Polygon Games

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Release Date Leaks Ahead Of UbiForward

Assassin's Creed fans clear their fall calendars.

discovered 1 day ago on Screen Rant

Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua included as playable characters in EA UFC 4

It was announced Saturday that both Fury and Joshua, two heavyweight boxers who have ruled the ring...

discovered 1 day ago on USA Today

This Is the Strangest Video Game Console of All Time

This article is part of a new initiative on IGN where we spend a whole month exploring topics we find interesting in the world of video games. July is...

discovered 1 day ago on IGN Videogames

Xbox Series X First-Party Games Showcase Coming on July 23 - IGN

Recent rumours have also centred around the possibility of reveals for Fable 4 (potentially from...

discovered 1 day ago on IGN Videogames

Microsoft To Reveal New Games Lineup With Xbox Series X Event This Month

Microsoft (MSFT) has announced a new July 23 games event to reveal its video game lineup for the...

discovered 1 day ago on SmarterAnalyst via Yahoo Finance

The evidence for Xbox Series S is overwhelming

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are potentially neck and neck for the upcoming console generation. Would you like backwards compatibility? Well,...

discovered 1 day ago on Looper




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