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Xbox Smart Glass

Yesterday, February 5, Dead Rising developer Capcom Vancouver underwent a massive “restructuring,”...


Capcom Vancouver reportedly scales back next Dead Rising due to layoffs

Yesterday, February 5, Dead Rising developer Capcom Vancouver underwent a massive “restructuring,”...

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⇲ The Order: 1887 is an Xbox Smart Glass exclusive

⇲ Ah smart glass, I really like a lot of this functionality

⇲ @Brhyns I look on Xbox smart glass to see who's on

⇲ Can you use xbox smart glass app to start the game you want to play, bypassing the xbox dashboard?

⇲ download Xbox smart glass on your phone, you can use it like a controller

⇲ I'm saying if I use my phone WiFi hotspot for my xbox.. smart glass is on a separate network and can't be used......

⇲ Double tap the Xbox button, then hit Y. I then load up my Xbox smart glass save the photo and post it on my mobile twitter app

⇲ Download the Xbox smart glass app , you can control your Xbox right from your phone even lower the volume to your tv

⇲ @TedFlintKansas I think you can control the Xbox by downloading the Xbox smart glass app. With a shot. Go Cyclones!

⇲ well I really enjoy the PlayStation companion app as well as the Xbox smart glass app I find them very useful

⇲ --> I save the screenshots to my phone using the Xbox Smart Glass app, which it'll pull the screenshots in a good quality.

⇲ screenshots taken on your console are viewable/savable on the Xbox Smart Glass app on your phone. Don't be a peasant

⇲ Xbox Smart Glass is niceeeee😅😅

⇲ Xbox smart glass down?... Really? -_-

⇲ Just double tap the xbox button and press Y. You can get all your photos and videos from the xbox smart glass app.

⇲ @iNOTORlOUS Gotta love the Xbox smart glass. Your always in touch with your xbox and gaming friends. #BEASTMODESAVAGES!

⇲ @majornelson @XboxP3 where is xbox smart glass smart tv app? So I can stream my xbox to any smart tv.

⇲ @Xbox Are all of the servers down, because it is not letting me into xbox smart glass or even my Xbox so please could you get back to me....

⇲ Anyone know why when I try to screen record the Xbox smart glass app the screen goes black?




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