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Yulia Lipnitskaya

Poor diets and eating disorders have afflicted figure skating over the years. U.S. figure skater...


Figure skating's culture encourages skaters to eat poorly to keep off weight, and it remains a big...

Poor diets and eating disorders have afflicted figure skating over the years. U.S. figure skater...

discovered 6 months ago on Business Insider UK

15-year-old Zagitova proves she can chase Olympic gold

If you think Evgenia Medvedeva will cruise to the Olympic gold medal in figure skating, think again....

discovered 6 months ago on The Associated Press via Yahoo Sports

Figure Skaters’ Costumes, Artistry Wins Them Celebrity-like Endorsements

More than a dress, figure skating costumes are an opportunity to communicate a larger concept with...

discovered 6 months ago on WWD via Yahoo News

Russian Teenagers Zagitova and Medvedeva Dominate Ladies' Figure Skating Short Program as U.S. Women...

Skaters from the Olympic Athletes of Russia and the U.S. took different kinds of risk — with...

discovered 6 months ago on Time via Yahoo News

Eating disorders, figure skating's 'dirty little secret'

Four years ago, Russia's Yulia Lipnitskaya had the world at her 15-year-old feet, before the ground...

discovered 6 months ago on AFP News via Yahoo News Singapore

A German Figure Skater Performed to Schindler's List Music. The Internet Is Reacting Accordingly.

Nicole Schott is not the first German figure skater to perform to the music from Schindler’s List,...

discovered 6 months ago on Time via Yahoo News

German Figure Skater Using the Schindler’s List Score Was Probably a Bad Idea

Johnny Weir, Russian figure skaters Yulia Lipnitskaya and Irina Slutskaya, and 1994 German gold...

discovered 6 months ago on Spin via Yahoo News

German Figure Skater Competes to Music from Schindler's List — and Twitter Has Feelings

Germany’s Nicole Schott competed in the ladie’s figure skating free skate at the Winter Olympics...

discovered 6 months ago on People via Yahoo News


⇲ [2014] Schindler's List by John Williams, Yulia Lipnitskaya, Sochi Olympics, Team Free Skate Bringing gold to her team on home ice at only 15. One of the most iconic figure skating program of all time

⇲ also, yulia commenting on yuzuru's spins. you don't need further proof that yuzuru is an incredible spinner than yulia lipnitskaya, who's one of the - if not THE - best spinner ever in the sport praising him

⇲ yulia lipnitskaya - schindler's list this program was life changing for 14 year old me

⇲ it is time to remind all of my followers of the fact that yulia lipnitskaya was rooting for yuzuru at the pyeongchang olympics and that when he won she sounded choked up/in tears for the joy

⇲ [Tokyo Skytree Information] Normal operation today Yulia Lipnitskaya, a fairy on ice, who won the silver medal at the world championship, arrived today Lighting tonight "FINAL FANTASY Ⅶ REMAKE" #Skytree #Tokyo #Solamachi #Asakusa #AsakusaNavi

⇲ Yulia Lipnitskaya wearing Irene gloves for Hyoen 2019 rehearsal For some reason she was wearing two right hand gloves xdd (video source in quoted tweet)…

⇲ Sunset. A lone sailboat. #YuliaLipnitskaya

⇲ @leadenmyr yulia lipnitskaya & les feuilles mortes ok like this program gives off autumn vibes n u got that and yulia LOVES cats as well,, also your cat is very pretty 🥰

⇲ Yulia Lipnitskaya - 20 // Watch the final position at the very end of this spin, you won't miss it... #coub

⇲ wip, Shining @sunnylipnitskaya 🌿 #ЮлияЛипницкая #Липницкая #YuliaLipnitskaya #JuliaLipnitskaya #JuliaLipnitskaia #золушкаплющенко #фигурноекатание #figureskating #Cinderella #illustration #iceshow #olympicmedallist #evgeniplushenko #リプニツカヤ #ユリアリプニツカヤ #シンデレラ

⇲ Found Yulia Lipnitskaya wearing Irene gloves 2.0! In 2014 According to GS she got them at WC in Saitama where one could buy sendai gloves to support the earthquake recovery

⇲ #yulialipnitskaya this moment ❣️❣️

⇲ 🐚Yulia LIPNITSKAYA - Alina KABAEVA⭐️ FLEXIBILITY FOR DAYS •Putin’s Favs •You watch them and then you ask yourself if they have bones •Apparently yes •Olympic Queens even when they didn’t win

⇲ Watch "Yulia Lipnitskaya's Phenomenal Free Program - Team Figure Skating | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics"

⇲ this photo reminds me of mike wazowski and yulia lipnitskaya and i cant explain why...

⇲ Me: I dont like that Adam exploits the fact that locals dont get the difference between team event gold and actual oly gold bc its not the same and you dont need the same skillset- Also me: hehe Yulia Lipnitskaya olympic gold medalist

⇲ 6) Yulia Lipnitskaya - Schindlers List ✨ probably one of my all time favorites, I remember watching Sochi olympics and feeling so much pride and happiness watching this program ✨

⇲ fleur as yulia lipnitskaya you don't give up on love

⇲ yulia lipnitskaya and alina zagitova at 15 earn a olympic gold medal when i am 15 at these days just laying on my bed every day every hour




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